Dried Flowers vs Fresh Flowers: Which is Right for You?

Dried Flowers vs Fresh Flowers: Which is Right for You?

Flowers carry with them an atmosphere of liveliness and beauty. A bouquet, after all, is a widely favoured expression of love. 

When it comes to flowers, the age-old debate between dried flowers and fresh flowers persists. Both options have their own points of appeal and distinct drawbacks. Are you drawn to the vibrancy and fragrance of fresh flowers, or does the lasting charm of muted dried flowers make your heart sing? 

While fresh flowers are known for their radiance, dried flowers make long-lasting companions in your home or event decor. Let’s dive deeper into the exploration and discover which of the two is perfect for you. 

What’s the Difference Between Dried Flowers and Fresh Flowers?

Fresh flowers, with their vibrant colours and fragrant blossoms, are the epitome of natural beauty and immediate visual impact. They bring a burst of life to any space, making them ideal for special occasions, celebrations, or simply to brighten up your surroundings.

However, the ephemeral nature of fresh cut flowers means that their beauty is relatively short-lived, requiring frequent replacements to maintain that fresh and jolly atmosphere. 

On the other hand, dried flowers offer an enduring alternative, preserving the elegance of blooms over an extended period. Their muted, earthy tones and delicate, unique textures, like the bold nature of dried palms, exude a rustic charm, making them perfect for those who appreciate subtlety and longevity in their flower decorations. Dried flowers require minimal maintenance, and their ability to withstand the test of time adds a touch of grace to any setting. 


Fresh Flowers

Dried Flowers


Vibrant colours, lush, and bright presence

Muted tones, delicate, rustic charm


Short-lived & require regular replacement

Durable, last for a long period of time


Strong, natural, fresh scent

Subtle or no fragrance, depending on the drying or preservation method


Require water, trimming, and diligent care

Minimal maintenance with no need for water

Usage in Flower Arrangements 

Ideal for flower arrangements aiming for immediate visual impact

Suitable for aesthetic yet long-term decorative purposes


Special events, festive celebrations

Versatile, suitable for various occasions


Relatively lower initial cost

Comparatively higher initial cost but significantly longer lifespan


Seasonal, dependent on local florists

Generally available year-round

Want to learn more about what sets dried flowers apart from fresh flowers? Click here to read an in-depth analysis of all the differences between dried flowers and fresh flowers. 

Are Dried Flowers Better Than Fresh Ones?

While fresh cut flowers undeniably hold the charm of vibrant hues and fragrant blooms, dried flowers carve their own niche in the world of aesthetics and longevity. Be it dried flower bouquets or dried wreaths, the versatility of dried flowers is a major advantage when it comes to floral selection for your decor. 

Dried flowers boast an enduring charm with muted tones and a vintage aesthetic, requiring minimal maintenance and offering a longer lifespan. Their suitability for various occasions and the ability to withstand the test of time make them an attractive choice for long-term flower decor.

On the other hand, fresh flowers radiate immediate vibrancy and natural fragrance, ideal for special events. 

Let’s take a quick look at the perks and challenges associated with dried flowers. 

Pros Of Dried Flowers

Cons Of Dried Flowers

Last for an extended period, offering enduring beauty

The initial cost may be higher than fresh flowers if the purchase is made from profit-first retailers.  

Cost-effective; Eg, a premium dried bouquet consisting of multiple varieties of dried flowers may average anywhere between £10-£50 and last for more than a year or two. A good-quality fresh flower bouquet, on the other hand, may cost well over £50 and last for a week or two even if maintained with the most dedicated care. 

Over time, due to poor handling, colours may fade if exposed to direct heat, sunlight, or humidity, impacting visual appeal 

Multipurpose and versatile; Eg, dried flower decor for a church wedding can be repurposed into outdoor decor for receptions, dried flowers can be rented by companies to couples who are on a tight budget for their wedding, wall decor for events can be reused for multiple festive occasions

Fragility may lead to breakage if mishandled

Minimal care required, no need for water or regular attention

Prone to dust accumulation over time if not maintained with care

Suitable for various occasions and long-term decorative purposes

May not be suitable for events or occasions requiring instant impact

Not subject to seasonal constraints, available throughout the year

Due to the natural preservation process, the flowers might end up losing their natural scent

Muted tones and a rustic look add a unique, ageless appeal

The organic preservation process may reduce the natural colour of the flowers

Easy to store without the risk of wilting or decay

May not provide the same tactile experience as fresh blooms

Easy customisation, can be easily dyed or preserved in unique ways

Due to factors like a harsh drying process and qualities of individual flowers, some dried flowers can become brittle, affecting durability

Budget-friendly and reusable option when bought as wholesale flowers by event planners and decorators in the hospitality sector

Environmentally friendly, reduce waste by repurposing flowers

Ideal for crafting, DIY projects, and creating personalised decor


Does not produce pollen, suitable for individuals with allergies


Are Dried Flowers A Good Gift?

Dried flowers have emerged as a captivating alternative to traditional fresh flower bouquets, and their suitability as gifts is increasingly becoming a topic of discussion. Once relegated to the realm of nostalgia, dried flowers and dried flower arrangements are staging a comeback as a thoughtful and distinctive gift choice. 

A few reasons why dried flowers are an excellent gift choice: 

  • Classic Elegance: Dried flowers exude a classic elegance, encapsulating the essence of beauty that withstands the test of time. As a gift, they symbolise enduring appreciation and affection, making them a perfect choice for commemorating special moments or expressing lasting sentiments.
  • Low Maintenance, Lasting Beauty: A practical advantage of dried flowers is their ability to thrive on minimal maintenance, making them wonderful dried wedding flowers. Unlike fresh flowers, they require no water or specific care routines. This ease of upkeep along with their ability to persevere for a long time, allows the recipient to enjoy the gesture without the time-sensitive constraints associated with fresh flowers.
  • Unique Aesthetics: The unique look and texture of dried flowers add a touch of old-school charm to any space. Dried floral arrangements often showcase muted tones and interesting textures, offering a departure from the vibrant but fleeting beauty of fresh flower bouquets. This distinctiveness makes dried flowers an appealing gift for those who appreciate unconventional beauty.¬†
  • Versatility in Use: Dried flowers offer versatility in terms of display options. Whether decorating dried flowers in vases, incorporating them into home decor, or even using them in crafting, dried flowers provide recipients with creative freedom. They make excellent dried flower wreaths, Japanese herbarium bottles, wall art, and resin jewellery. This versatility enhances their appeal as a gift, allowing the recipient to enjoy them in various ways.¬†
  • Symbolism and Sentiment: Beyond their visual appeal, dried flowers like dried gypsophila, dried roses, and dried hydrangeas often carry symbolic significance. The preservation process can represent the enduring nature of relationships, making them an ideal gift for occasions like weddings, anniversaries, or celebrations of lasting friendships.
  • Artisanal and Handcrafted Options: The modern-day methods of preservation of dried flowers have spurred artisanal and handcrafted options in the market. Gifting a carefully curated dried flower arrangement reflects a sense of thoughtfulness and uniqueness, presenting the recipient with a truly special and one-of-a-kind dried flower gift.

      Is It Better To Give Fresh Or Preserved Flowers?

      Deciding between fresh and preserved flowers is a nuanced choice that’s often based on the occasion and the desired impact. Fresh flowers captivate any room with immediate vibrancy and natural fragrance, making them ideal for celebratory events and fleeting moments. However, the enduring nature of preserved flowers introduces a compelling dimension of saving your moments. 

      Beyond their subtle tones, preserved florals like preserved roses require minimal maintenance, are dyed for colour enhancement, and extend their beauty far beyond the lifespan of fresh flowers. This longevity makes them particularly well-suited for gifts, especially if you’re looking for preserved flowers for weddings, symbolising lasting affection or event decor that stands the test of time. 

      While fresh-cut flowers bring instant beauty, the uniqueness and longevity of preserved flowers tilt the scale slightly in their favour. They offer a distinctive grace that resonates well beyond the initial presentation.

      What Is The Life of Dried Flowers?

      Exploring the nuances of dried flower lifespans creates an understanding of their lasting glamour and aids in making well-informed decisions for both decorative dried flower arrangements and considerate dried floral gifts. 

      Typically, well-preserved dried flowers maintain their beauty for several months to a few years (1 to 3 years on average), and sometimes even longer. The longevity varies based on factors like the drying technique employed and the inherent characteristics of each flower variety. 

      Unlike fresh flowers, dried florals don't demand water, but their durability benefits from gentle handling and strategic storage. Shielding your dried floral arrangements from direct sunlight and excessive humidity is crucial to prevent colour fading and brittleness. While some delicate flowers may have a shorter lifespan, robust varieties like dried eucalyptus and dried lavender often prevail gracefully. 

      Which is Cheaper: Dried Flowers or Fresh Flowers?

      Fresh flowers might seem more wallet-friendly at first, but their shorter lifespan means you might find yourself buying them more often. Their low upfront cost translates into a repetitive need for replacement. 

      On the flip side, dried flowers or preserved flowers might ask for a bit more upfront if you’re purchasing from a high-margin seller, but their lasting charm and reusability prove them to be a budget-saver over time.

      So, if you're thinking beyond the moment and aiming for a sustainable investment in your space, or buying wholesale flowers for your events, dried flowers could be the cost-effective and durable alternative you're looking for.

      What Are The Best Dried Flowers?

      Selecting the best dried flowers involves considering factors such as aesthetic appeal, durability, and versatility. Dried lavender, celebrated for its soothing aura, is a popular choice, bringing a touch of relaxation to any setting. Delicate dried gypsophila, with its ethereal appearance, complements various dried flower arrangements. The captivating spell of dried roses adds a romantic touch, while the robust and earthy tones of dried eucalyptus create visually striking displays.

      Here are some of our top picks for dried flowers and foliage that are versatile and fit in numerous decor, be they seasonal ones like spring and winter or festive decor.

      • Dried Sunflowers
      • Dried Pampas Grass
      • Preserved Hydrangeas
      • Dried Palms
      • Preserved Eucalyptus¬†
      • Dried Gypsophila¬†
      • Dried Peonies
      • Dried Helichrysum¬†
      • Dried Physalis

      Style these dried flowers and foliage in a vase or a glass jar, make your own wreath with them or craft a dried bouquet and enjoy the durable radiance of your dried flower arrangements. 

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