5 Dried Flowers And Foliage Gifts That Are Perfect For Spreading The Christmas Cheer

5 Dried Flowers And Foliage Gifts That Are Perfect For Spreading The Christmas Cheer

The days of joy have finally arrived! The delight of lush Christmas floral decor and the vivacious displays of winter blooms lend an earthy element to Christmas Decor. This Christmas let’s swerve away from the same old repetitive gifting traditions, shall we? 

Dive into our stunning range of handpicked Christmas-themed dried flowers and foliage. From gorgeous hues to vibrant energies, they will quickly become the life of the party. Besides being an excellent choice for Christmas Decor and Festive Wreaths, some of our top picks make eye-catching yet meaningful gifts.   

Let’s explore the five most extraordinary dried flower and foliage gift ideas for the holiday season. 

5 Magical Christmas Gift Ideas: Dried Flowers and Foliage Edition

Assorted Delphinium Bouquet 




Delphinium is one of the lesser-known choices for any festive occasion. Owing to its awe-inspiring presence, it fits right into any dried bouquet

Historically, delphiniums are primarily associated with conveying a sense of happiness and positivity. These lovely Christmas flowers symbolise encouragement, delight, and blessings, reflecting a message of goodwill and optimism. They make the perfect Christmas flower gift for the loved ones you cherish above all. 

Widely renowned as Larkspur, the variety of shades of these Christmas dried flowers, ranging from blue to pink to white, can be combined to convey the sentiments of grace, purity, love, and beauty. If you’re looking to level it up a notch, throw these dried flowers into an antique Christmas vase or craft your own Christmas bouquet by adding foliage like preserved Eucalyptus to the mix.  

Luminescent Palm-Centred Dried Flower Arrangement




Majestic Dried Palms are an absolutely underrated essential for any Christmas flower arrangement. Their festive aura makes them a perfect gift when placed in a DIY dried bouquet

The spirit of Palm Spears celebrates themes of abundance, victory, triumph, peace, and longevity. Pair these gorgeous dried stems with lively shades of our Pampas Grass collection and our Xmas dried flowers like Dried Red Cardistella, Dried Amaranthus and Dried Nigella Orientalis. Once you’re satisfied with your dried flower arrangement style it into a Christmas bouquet, Christmas centerpiece, or a Christmas flower vase to wow your friends and family with your gift. 

The standout gold and silver variations of our dried palm spears like Golden Dried Palms, Dried Champagne Sun Palms, and Copper coloured Dried Palms are our top picks for making an impressive Christmas dried floral arrangement gift. 

Thinking about making Palm Leaves the centre of an event this festive season? Place a bulk order and check out our exclusive Palm Spears wholesale offers.  

Regal Dried Flower Crown




If you want to be known as the friend/family member who’s often referred to as “gives the best gifts”, the dried flower crown might be your ticket to magnificence. 

Often paired with dried wedding bouquets, the dried flower crown is the perfect way to highlight how significant a loved one’s presence is in your life. Depending on the Christmas flowers you choose for your flower crown, it can relay whatever sentiment you want to convey be it love, prosperity, beauty, joy, serenity, warmth, or a wholesome mix of all your feelings.

Dried Flowers & Decor’s renowned choices of Dried Pampas Grass, Dried Spray Roses, Dried Gypsophila, Dried Lavender, Dried Delphinium, and Dried Palm Spears are the quintessential favourites if you want a flower crown that has a distinctly personal touch. 

Radiant Japanese Herbarium Bottle




Japanese herbarium bottles offer a delightful and effortless way to infuse your home with natural beauty and serve as captivating Christmas decor pieces. These charming dried flowers in oil specimens serve as exquisite gifts. By choosing the right set of dried flowers, you can convey your thoughtful approach to gift-giving this Christmas. 

A DIY Japanese Herbarium’s dried floral arrangement comprises dainty yet stunning long-lasting dried flowers. Our crowd favourites like Dried Eucalyptus, Dried Chasmantium, Dried Gypsophila, Dried Lunaria, Dried Royal Fern, and Preserved Jazilda are sensational choices for a Japanese Herbarium bottle that’s the dream Christmas flower gift.  

Variegated Eucalyptus Table Centrepiece




Eucalyptus tends to become a hypnotic attraction at any festive event. A Eucalyptus Christmas Centrepiece is a true essential for unforgettable Christmas table decorations. A gift of Eucalyptus-themed Christmas floral arrangement is sure to make you an undoubted gem amongst your most loved peers and family members. 

Choose your preferred Eucalyptus from our vast collection of dried and preserved Eucalyptus including varieties like Preserved Red Eucalyptus Parvifoglia, Preserved Yellow Eucalyptus Populus, Preserved Eucalyptus Nicoli stems with berries, Dried Silver Eucalyptus, and Dried Wild Eucalyptus Stems with Leaves

Make a dried Eucalyptus bouquet out of these lovely foliage pieces or place the selected Eucalyptus stems into a vintage Christmas vase. Add any personalised final touches like notes or small dried flowers and Voila! Your handmade gift is all set to receive the love it deserves.   

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The essence of Christmas lies in sharing your joy and tranquillity with the world. Christmas florals are a wonderful gift to mesmerise your loved ones. Perfect for spreading the Christmas cheer, they infuse a touch of grace and thoughtfulness into your gift-giving traditions. 

Design picturesque bouquets, centrepieces, Christmas ornaments, and outdoor wreaths with our one-of-a-kind Christmas dried flowers Collection. Share the gift of everlasting blooms and make this Christmas a truly memorable one.  

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