DIY Dried Flower Bouquet: Amazing Christmas Gift Idea (Super Easy & Affordable!)

DIY Dried Flower Bouquet: Amazing Christmas Gift Idea (Super Easy & Affordable!)

Christmas, the season for gifting and sharing joy is around the corner. It is the time when we all start looking for Christmas Gift Ideas for our family and friends. A good way is to present our loved ones with their favorite flowers. But fresh flowers won’t last long enough for them to enjoy. As an alternative, we have something that might be perfect for you - Dried Flowers! Aesthetic appearance and unmatched elegance make the Dried Flower Bouquet an ultimate Christmas Gift this festive season. Dried Bouquets make an excellent gift for New Year as well!

One important thing to note is that Dried Flowers and Preserved Flowers are actually different from dead, wilted, and fake flowers. Dried and preserved flowers are 100% real, long-lasting, and can be used as a keepsake for a special memory, wedding, event, etc. In this guide, we will take you through the steps to create a stunning Dried Flower Bouquet for Christmas. 

Selection of Right Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers look good with each other no matter what. But it is essential that you choose the right variety of flowers that compliment each other the most and also represent your love for that person.

Some popular choices are Preserved Rice Flowers, Preserved Lavender Bunches, Dried Peonies, Dried Acroclinium, Dried Peonies, Dried Spray Roses, Dried Triticum (Wheat), etc.

In case you want to create a rustic Dried Flower Bouquet, the addition of Dried Pampas in tones such as Ivory, Lilac, Bordeaux Red, Pastels, Pink, etc. would be great. 

dried flower bouquet

Selection of Right Foilage

To achieve an enhanced look, you should strike the right balance between the blooms and the greens. If you intend to, you can also add some Dried Grass to achieve an extra Christmasy look. 

Some choices for Foilage here are Preserved Ruscus, Preserved Eucalyptus, Dried Laurier Bay Leaf, etc. 

dried eucalyptus

Creating Bunches 

Now that you have your Christmas Flowers ready, start by grouping the Dried Flowers into separate bunches. Taller flowers can be grouped together followed by a small flowers bunch.

The Foliage and the intricate Dried Flowers like Baby’s Breath and Dried Delphinium can be used separately in the Christmas Dried Flower Bouquet as fillers. 

dried gypsophila bulk

Start Arranging your DIY Dried Flower Bouquet 

After you are satisfied with the grouping of Dried Flowers, it’s time to arrange the Dried Bouquet. For the base, add the larger flower bunch (flowers that are approx. 50-60 cm). Then add the smaller flower bunch above the bigger bunch (flowers that are approx. 30-40 cm). The gaps in between the 2 bunches can be filled by Dried Grass, Foliage, Dainty Flowers like Baby’s Breath, etc. Visualize a Christmas Dried Flower Arrangement while assembling your Bouquet to achieve an elegant look. 

buy bouquet onlline

Give finishing touches 

Once you are satisfied with your piece of art, use a piece of ribbon or twine to secure the Bouquet. Additionally, you can also wrap the bouquet in a red paper or clear plastic sheet for that extra magic. For those who love scented gifts, add a dash of warmth and fruity fragrances to the Dried Flower Bouquet with essential oils. 

dried bouquet in UK

We have shown you how you create one of the best Christmas gifts in just five simple steps that are not only long-lasting but extremely affordable too. In case, you would like to get pre-made Dried Flower Bouquets in the UK, check out our collection here.

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