5 Super Easy DIY Dried Flower Arrangements (Game-Changing!)

5 Super Easy DIY Dried Flower Arrangements (Game-Changing!)

For years, Dried Flowers have been a people’s favorite when it comes to natural and elegant home décor. Fresh Flowers have a relatively short life span; they come in, stay beautiful for 5-6 days, and before you know it, they just wither away. This is why florists love to preserve the beauty of nature in the form of Dried Flowers that are everlasting and come in handy to create some of the most beautiful Dried Flower Arrangements. 

So for all the décor enthusiasts out there, we have curated a guide with some of the best easiest Dry Flower Decoration Ideas that you can use in your homes, offices, parties, wedding, baby showers, etc. 

DIY Dried Flower Décor Ideas 

Arrange Dried Flowers in a Vase or Mason Jar

 Perhaps the most common way to display Dried Flowers is by arranging them in vases, mason jars, jam pots, etc. You can go for a variety of Vases such as Ceramic Vase, Woven vases, Metal Vase, etc depending on your home interior or party theme. 

Start by inserting your favorite Foliage first and then gradually add Dried Flowers or Preserved Flowers of your choice. You can also trim the stems to achieve a desired Dried Flower Arrangement. 

Dried Bunny Tails, Preserved Eucalyptus, Dried Oats, Dried Gypsophila, Dried Phalaris, etc. are some of the most popular choices for Flower Vase Arrangements. You can use these vases as Table Centerpieces in home décor, office meetings, weddings, corporate events, etc. 

Dried Flower Wreath 

Add a dash of nature to the other plain walls with beautiful Dried Flower Wreaths. You can either go with foliage combined with Dried flowers such as Babala, Dried Lavender, Helichrysum, Dried Thistle, etc or simply go with Dried Grass Wreath. 

If you are planning for a Boho wedding theme, you can go Dried Pampas Wreath, and match it with your Dried Flower Wedding Bouquet with wild and natural textures in lovely subdued hues.

Dried Flower Mini Art Pieces 

Let your inner artist shine and make still art pieces using your favorite preserved flowers or flowers from your Wedding Bouquet. Dried Flowers look amazing when decorated in clear glass frames, desks, side tables, etc. Dried Baby’s Breath and Dried Thalaspi can be used here.  

You can even make these simple DIY Dried Flower Projects and gift them to your friends and family members or use them to decorate your home, office, studio, etc. 

Dried Flower Table Centerpiece 

Start by cutting the Dried Flower Stems in a similar length and tie them in a bunch with a piece of florist wire or jute rope. Then to hide the wire wrap a stem or two of Preserved Eucalyptus around it until it is no more visible. Start with the tallest flowers at the base and then gradually build it up with smaller flowers of your choice to achieve a fuller look.   

Dried Roses, Dried Mimosa, Dried Delphiniums, Poppy heads, Dried Oats Bunch, Dried Eucalyptus, Dried Statice, and Dried Bunny Tails are a good choice for this Dried Flower Bouquet.  

Dried Flower Bunch for Gift Wrapping 

A very simple exercise that can add a unique and personalized touch to your gifts. Take your gift wrapping game to the next level with a handmade Dried Flower Bunch. Simply choose your favorite Dried or Preserved Flowers, tie them with a tiny piece of ribbon and tuck the Dried Flower Bunch in the larger ribbon of the gift box. 

This simple DIY project can also help you to get away even with the plainest wrapping paper! Dried Gypsophila, Dried Lavender, Preserved Ruscus, Dried Rodanthe, Dried Acroclinium, etc. are ideal for this project. 

These Dried Flower Arrangement Ideas are not bound only to home decor. You can also use them in your wedding as a part of the Floral Wedding Décor, Dried Flower Wedding Centerpiece, Wedding Cake, etc. If you have been looking for Dried Flowers in the UK, you have landed at the right place. Dried Flowers & Décor has a huge variety of

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