4 Autumn Dried Flower Arrangements That Are Perfect for Fall

4 Autumn Dried Flower Arrangements That Are Perfect for Fall

The season of cinnamon-spiced latte, warm woollen socks and pumpkin patches has embraced the UK yet again. Have your favourite autumn blooms found their way to your home? Let’s switch things up this year and make sure that your wild autumn flowers stay crisp throughout the season. 

Our dried autumn flowers perfectly encapsulate the fall spirit and that first crisp chill. Be it rustic or vibrant, the variety of autumn florals at Dried Flowers & Decor captivate wherever they find their home. Step your decor up a notch and create hassle-free, long-lasting, premium-quality autumn flower arrangements with our range of dried flowers

Once assembled, the dried flower arrangements can be used as autumn wedding bouquets, autumn baskets, fall-themed dried wreaths, table centrepieces, and whatever else your heart desires. 

Harness the beauty of our top 4 DIY dried flower arrangements to infuse your home, weddings, events, holidays, and art projects with a breezy Elysian elegance.

Materials required for DIY Dried Flower Arrangements

Beginning from the basics, here is a list of all the things you’ll need to craft the perfect autumn bouquet or a durable autumnal dried flower wreath: 

  • Excellent Quality Dried Flowers
  • Steadfast Floral Wire or Floral tape
  • Scissors
  • Grapevine Wreaths for creating a sturdy wreath 
  • Premium Quality Ribbons 
  • Your ideal display for dried flowers: vases, jars, decorative domes, vintage jugs, pots 

4 Autumn Dried Flower Arrangements For A Picturesque Fall Decor 

Let the autumnal magic unfold in your home. Elevate your fall decor with four of our favourite autumn dried flower arrangements

The Golden Hayride: Your Dream Autumn Wedding Bouquet

An autumn bridal bouquet that suffuses all your future adventures with your spouse with an iridescent golden aura, The Golden Hayride embodies the rich ecstasy of a fall wedding. 

Our picks for the incandescent autumn dried flower bouquet







Bringing it all Together 

Cut off the stems so that all the dried flowers are of a similar height. Gradually build your base foundation by assembling slightly taller stems of Terracotta brown Sun Palms and Orange Bunny Tails. Pair them by combining them with a few stems of Chinese Lanterns, Carthamus, and Sunflowers placed at the front and centre.

Secure the dried flowers with your chosen floral tape/wire and tie a stunning knot of orange ribbon around the base of the stems. Voila! You just made a sensational rustic fall wedding bouquet

Not in the mood to make the creative fall ensemble? Check out our dried autumn bouquet for a similar vibe. 




Carpo’s Crown: An Outstanding Dried Flower Wreath

It is no secret that dried flowers are varied and diverse in their usage. In case you’re actively on the hunt to spruce up your festive decor or add a touch of whimsy to your home with the help of autumn flowers, dried wreaths might just become your all-in-one solution.   

If you’re looking to add a goddess-like vivacity to your decor, Carpo’s crown is the ultimate dried flower wreath for you. 

Our picks for the divine autumn dried flower wreath:






Bringing it all together 

To simplify things, use a ready-made grapevine wreath to create the dried wreath. Segregate your autumn blooms by dividing them into categories and trim off the extra length of the stems. Start with the taller stems like Dried Bunny Tails, Dried Pampas, and Preserved Eucalyptus and lay them along the length of the wreath. Secure them with a florist's wire.

Repeat the process with the trimmed stems of your second autumn flowers’ group ensuring that the heads cover the the wire. Our picks, at this stage, are dried white Statice and preserved Hydrangea. Finally, tie the look together with dried Helichrysum. 

There you go! You just made a picture-perfect Dried Flower Wreath

Want to go with a ready-made but similar alternative to this wreath? We recommend our Mist Dried Wreath and Dried Triticum Wreath for all the cosy fall feels. 




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Gypsophilan Harvest Moon: A Classic for your Vintage Vase

Who can resist the charm of dainty, bewitching dried Gypsophila flowers? Our classically stylish Baby’s Breath dried flower arrangement takes things up a notch and lets you experience the enchantment of Gypsophila flowers in every breath. 

Gypsophilan Harvest Moon is an explosion of earthy yet radiant autumn flowers. Every shade of this unique dried floral arrangement radiates a wholesome sunset experience. 

Our picks for the elegant fall-themed dried flower arrangement:





Pink Gypsophila



Bringing it all together 

Cut off the stems until all your dried flowers are the same height. Go wild with your creativity and arrange the flowers however your soul calls you to. Tie the stems with floral tape and a brown satin ribbon. 

The Dried Gypsophila arrangement comes together in a snap, creating a beguiling yet minimal-effort display that’ll last you for a while.  

For an extra oomph factor, incorporate some depth while maintaining the moody, airy spirit of gypsophila by adding Dried Silver Grass to the dried arrangement

Place them in a vase, a vintage jug, or even a trusty jam jar to beautify your shelf or dining table.

Searching for a shortcut? Just use our premade autumn bouquet of dried Gypsophila




If baby’s breath is a part of your go-to aesthetic for every event, we also supply wholesale dried flowers. Durable and gorgeous, each dried flower delivery from Dried Flowers and Decor promises to be the best in the UK.  

Cosy Fall Foliage: A Lasting Dried Flower Centrepiece

Autumnal Dried Foliage packs vitality and vigour within it. Cosy Fall Foliage cranks it up to a hundredth and will quickly become a beloved display piece in your space.  

A mix of classic fall shades and modern autumn tropes, the dried foliage centrepiece is the perfect ornament for every occasion. 

Our picks for an entrancing dried flower centrepiece:





Bringing it all together

Begin by trimming off the excess length of stems. Combine roomy Dried Palm Spears with Pampas Grass by aligning them at a roughly similar height. Mix in the small dried flowers like Preserved Jazilda and dried Batao Branco Camisa. To pull the whole look together, place lighter foliage pieces like royal fern at a slight angle from the last group of flowers.

Use floral tape or wire to tie it up and secure the look with a ribbon if you’re planning to use it as a dried flower bouquet or simply add them into your chosen vessel and luxuriate in the floral goodness. 

This dried floral arrangement is the definition of the Cottagecore aesthetic.  

Make it your visionary dried wedding bouquet, browse through our collection of decor to find your ideal vase and make it your table’s centrepiece, display the autumn blooms in a decorative dome, adorn your mantel with the dried flowers by putting together a beautiful mantelpiece, or gift it to a friend by putting the autumn flowers in a vintage jug/mason jar; this dried flower arrangement is a true multi-purpose statement. 

Want to order these dried flowers in bulk for your events? We offer bulk discounts on wholesale dried flowers orders. 


Dried flower arrangements are a wonderful way to celebrate the beauty of autumn and bring the spirit of the season into your home. Whether you prefer a rustic, elegant, cosy, or magical look, there's an autumn dried flower arrangement that will complement your style. 

No matter what the arrangement is for, a spectacular autumn wedding bouquet, a simple autumn flower bouquet, a moody autumn basket, a classy dried flower boutonniere, or a show-stopping centrepiece, our dried flowers will make a statement wherever they go. 

Interested in exploring dried flower decor for your business? Explore our range of wholesale dried flowers including bestsellers like dried pampas, dried hydrangeas, dried gypsophila, dried bunny tails, and dried palm spears

Let your creative boundaries expand with the beauty of autumn flowers. Experiment with different combinations of dried flowers, dried foliage, and natural elements to create a unique and captivating dried flower arrangement that will make your home feel mystical and snug even after the fall passes by. 

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