Ultimate Wholesale Dried Flowers Guide for Wedding & Event Planners

Ultimate Wholesale Dried Flowers Guide for Wedding & Event Planners

Many people associate bowls of potpourri or wedding bouquets that dry and wither with time as Dried Flowers. But they are missing the bigger picture here. The world of Dried Flowers is much bigger and more popular than ever! For the uninitiated, Dried Flowers are real flowers that have been carefully dried. They can last for months or even years without requiring any care whatsoever. 

Why are Dried Flower Arrangements getting popular?

Dried Flowers have a unique appearance that is unmatched by their fresh counterparts. Fresh Flowers tend to wither easily if properly not taken care of. Flower Wedding Decorators and Event Planners can understand why transporting Fresh Flowers from one venue to another can be a total nightmare if the weather and traffic are not in favor of them. 

On the other hand, Dried Flowers are easy to manage. They hold their beauty and appearance for a long time, and don’t give up even in unfavorable circumstances. This makes them perfect to be reused at weddings, events, shows, corporate meetings, etc. If you are looking to save on your wedding budget, use the Dry Flower Decoration in your daytime wedding. Then transport them to your evening reception with zero hassle involved! 

Dried Flower Arrangements

Some Popular Wholesale Dried Flowers in the UK 

Finding the right Dried Flowers for weddings or events can be difficult with so many options to choose from. So we have curated a list of Dried Flowers that wedding decorators and event planners prefer to take in Bulk. 

  • Dried Bunny Tails - A.K.A Lagururs Grass, Dried Bunny Tails have long stems with fluffy ends which make them ideal for adding texture to Dried Flower Bouquets and Dried Flowers Wedding Centerpieces. 
bunny tails
  • Preserved Lavender - Dried Lavender is and always will be everyone’s favorite no matter what. Owing to its versatile nature and affordability aspect, wedding decorators love to incorporate Dried Lavender in Bridal Bouquets, wedding centerpieces, Dried Wreaths. Preserved Lavender is also very popular in corporate events and fashion shows.  
preserved lavender
  • Preserved Amaranthus Caudatus- You can easily recognize Preserved Amaranthus Caudatus by its beautiful rope-like dangling flowers. Hanging flower decorations offer a fresh perspective to the event or wedding. This is why Dried Amaranthus are popular for wedding arches and wedding bouquets. 
Preserved Amaranthus Caudatus
  • Dried Gypsophila- An absolute favorite, Dried Gypsophila have long stems and tiny clusters of flowers. Available in a plethora of colors, Dried Gypsophila makes a great addition to Dried Flower Wedding Bouquet, Dried Flower Bunch Arrangement in Vases, Wedding Cake, Corporate events, baby showers, engagement parties, etc. 
Dried Gypsophila
  • Preserved Ruscus - This beautiful foliage is very versatile as it looks amazing on its own. It also can be used as filler for Dried Flower Arrangements. Preserved Ruscus is also available in a bunch of colors which only adds to this foliage’s beauty. 
Preserved Ruscus

Apart from Dried Flowers, Dried Pampas and Dried Palms are also getting popular by the day owing to their stunning appearance and affordability aspect. 

  • Dried Pampas Grass- This Dried Grass has taken the internet by storm. From Red Carpet Events, Fashion Shows to Celeb Weddings and Instagram Posts, Dried Pampas is everywhere! Pampas Grass Wedding Decorations aren’t going to stop anytime soon either. 
Dried Pampas Grass
  • Dried Palms- Another Dried Sensation, Dried Palm Leaves are popular in events and weddings with an exotic beach vibe. Dried Palms Leaves come in a lot of varieties such as Large Dried Chamaerops Palm, Dried Palm Leaf, Dried Palm Spears & Dried Palm Suns. 

Who are the Wholesale Dried Flowers Suppliers in the UK? 

If you are looking to buy Bulk Dried Flowers online in the UK, you have landed at the right place. Dried Flowers and Décor make sure that once you place an order with us, you will never think of anyone else again. We are Dried Flower Suppliers in the UK dealing in Dried Flowers, Dried Palms, Dried Pampas, Dried Wreaths, Luxury Dried Flower Bouquets, Statement Décor items, and much more.

If you are a wedding planner, Flower Decorator, Event Planner, or flower reseller looking for affordable dried flowers online, we look forward to working with you at the most competitive prices. Feel free to contact our team for Business to Business inquiries.

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Gemma Hippel
Gemma Hippel


I’m currently looking at getting in dried flowers for my wedding next February. I will be making the bouquets and decor myself. I really want lots of beautiful flowers at the wedding which we can then give as keepsakes to our guests afterwards. I hate the thought of being wasteful with fresh flowers
And love the beauty and rustic charm of dried.

Is it possible to have some samples at all? It’s so hard to choose without seeing the flowers in the flesh so to speak. I’m
Looking at dusty pinks, ivories and natural textures such as wheat/ palms. I’m very fond of gypsophila in particular. Please let me know if this is possible.

Many thanks


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