7 Unique Pampas Grass Wedding Décor Ideas for 2022

7 Unique Pampas Grass Wedding Décor Ideas for 2022

Wedding Décor trends vary from season to season depending on the availability of the natural elements. But this trope has significantly changed with Dried Pampas Grass in the picture. Dried Pampas Grass is extremely versatile, available in all seasons, and compliments all sorts of décor space no matter what.

You can play around with these fluffy plumes in your wedding décor. Create subtle earthy décor or go gaga with dramatic displays all around the space. So here are 7 unique Pampas Grass Decoration Ideas to inspire you for your Boho Wedding Décor. 

Wedding Arches

You can decorate Wedding Arches for your altar/backdrop with the help of Dried Pampas Grass in various colors. For example, a simple theme can use neutral-toned Pampas such as Natural Dried Pampas, Bleached Pampas, Brown Pampas, etc combined with delicate preserved foliage such as Preserved Eucalyptus and Preserved Ruscus.  

Use Coloured and vibrant Dried Pampas such as Red Pampas, Yellow Pampas, Blue Pampas, etc. in the wedding arch for a dramatic set-up.

Dried Pampas + Dried Palm

Dried Palm Leaves and Dried Pampas Grass go hand in hand when it comes to a beach wedding. It is simply a visual treat when Large Dried Palm Suns and Dried Chamaerops is incorporated with Fluffy Dried Pampas to create an Exotic corner in the wedding décor . 

These days a large variety of Dried Palm Leaves such as Dried Palm Spears, Dried Palm Suns, Large Chamerops, etc are being extensively used in wedding and event décor because of their charismatic appearance and long-lasting nature. 

Wedding Cake Stand 

Who said Dried Pampas Grass Décor is only limited to the backdrop? You can incorporate these beautiful fluffy plumes into your cake stand for a dash of color and texture. Wedding decorators often stress the fact that the magic lies in details. 

To make your wedding cake Décor up a notch, use Dried Pampas, or combine with Dried Flowers like Dried Peonies for an enhanced effect.

Dried Pampas Aisle 

Give your guests to remember something unique about your big day with a beautiful Dried Pampas Aisle! The walkway can be decorated with Wheat-toned Pampas, combined with Dried Flowers bunches like Dried Spray Roses or Dried Kaaps to create a balanced palette of colors. 

In 2018, Mandy Moore took the internet by storm with her boho wedding Décor infused with  Pampas Grass in neutral and pink hues. The use of Coloured Pampas took this trend to the next level. 

Dried Pampas Wreath  

Ditch the regular flowers wreaths because Bohemian Dried Pampas Wreaths are the new show stealers! You can use Pampas Wreaths in wedding arches, wall decorations, bar and seating area, etc. 

With a minimalist appearance and soft texture, Dried Pampas Wreath can seamlessly blend with the other wedding décor elements.

Pampas Table Centerpiece   

The effect of Dried Pampas Grass Wedding Centerpieces can vary from simple to dramatic. Such Dried Pampas Centerpiece can easily accentuate the tables with earthy tones and bring a contemporary feel to the wedding. 

Dried Pampas Grass in the tones of Ivory, Lilac, Bordeaux Red, Pastels, and even Black Pampas work wonderfully when decoated in Ceramic Vases. Dried Hyndrageas and Preserved Eucalyptus also look good combined with the Pampas Grass in Wedding Table Centerpieces.

Pampas Bridal Bouquet 

Modern Brides have now started opting for Renaissance Dried Bouquets infused with Fluffy Dried Pampas Stems and intricate Dried Flowers. You can go with a neutral palette for the pampas grass floral bouquets with inclusions like White Pampas, Preserved Gunny Eucalyptus, Ivory Dried Lavender, Dried Peony, etc. 

Or get creative and go with this amazing Luxury Dried Flower Bouquet with Thistle, Pink Pampas, Dried Phalaris, Purple Bunny Tails, Pink Palm Spears, and Preserved Ruscus. 


Dried Pampas Grass has increasingly become popular in the last few years owing to its versatile nature and affordability aspect. These Eco-friendly Plumes can help you to design the wedding of your dreams that too under a budget. We hope this guide on Dried Pampas was able to inspire you for a Boho-themed wedding. 

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