4 Dried Pampas Grass Décor Ideas that everyone will fall in love with! 

4 Dried Pampas Grass Décor Ideas that everyone will fall in love with! 

Pampas grass has a rustic-meets-modern look that can work with any house design style. The addition of Dried pampas grass in the home has been one of the biggest décor trends of the year, with its fluffy plumes offering a dreamy, rustic look wherever you put it. The lovely dried grass creates a soft texture that pulls the outside in and gives a peaceful vibe.

And the best part about pampas - is how long they last! The money spent is well worth it because Pampas makes a wonderful holiday or birthday gift, as well as décor for baby and bridal showers. The options are limitless. Not to mention the fact that pampas grass décor looks great in almost any environment. It's a literal show stopper that requires no water, maintenance, or upkeep!  

 4 Easy & Stunning Pampas Décor Ideas 

Make a Big Impression

Tall Pampas Grass Décor has been topping the trend charts for quite some time. Leave the very long stems of tall pampas grass untouched for a really dramatic effect. 

The feathery fluffiness of the natural dried pampas grass makes an attractive contrast to the slim stalks. This creates an impressive display of famed plumage. 

Quick Tip: Place the long-stemmed plumes in a ceramic vase or Metal Vase, anchored in a block of floral foam for precise placement and stability, for maximum impact on dried pampas grass décor. 


Colorful Accents for a Child's Room

Colored Pampas in hues of pinks, blues, and subtle pastels are a sight for sore eyes. The children's bedroom is a special place, and the way you decorate it makes a big difference. Fill oversized ceramic vases with large colored pampas and place them on either side of your child's bed, next to the nightstands, if you're going for a minimalist look. 


It will give off a cheerful ambiance for a relaxing atmosphere. The stunning landmark will be bathed in sunshine in the morning. The fluffy grass will provide a whimsical spark to the space when mixed in with neutral tones.

Make a Floral Bouquet with Dried Flowers

Fresh flowers, as lovely as they are to look at and smell, however, don't survive very long. To the rescue, dried floral arrangements! Many dried flowers are available in vibrant spring colors and complement our natural pampas grass beautifully. A good choice of dried blooms is Bunny Tails, Statice, Mimosa, Baby’s Breath, etc.


Dried floral arrangements with pampas grass offer a delicate touch to your space and improve its visual appeal. Pampas grass is naturally compact, but by shaking it up, you may make it fluffier and more attractive. When you add the dried flowers, you'll have the most lovely and delicate arrangement.

Pampas Wreath for the Holidays

If you want to put your wholesale pampas grass to use, a DIY pampas wreath is the perfect project for you. Now, this might not be the most unique Pampas Decor idea, but it’s the one that inspires and results in a wreath that’s full of texture. You can stick to pampas grass if you want a more minimalist aesthetic. If you believe that more is more, go ahead and add more dried florals to add even more texture and color.

You can make the wreath yourself with an embroidery hoop or buy one already made and embellish it with pampas grass and other accents. Customize it for any event, including Christmas and New Year.

Where to Buy Dried Pampas Grass in the UK?

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