5 Pampas Decor Ideas

5 Pampas Decoration Ideas to Revamp Your Hotel Decor!

The year 2022’s most popular fad is Pampas grass, also known by its scientific name, Cortaderia selloana. Who'd have guessed we'd all fall in love with grass, of all things? The feeling of vintage gardens and meadows are evoked by these lovely waving wheat-toned grasses. 

A single stalk of pampas grass can add a lot of fluff and texture to modern decor, think what a Pampas Bunch is capable of!

 Colorful tones and a rich flowy texture make the Dried Grass look like it could last another decade. If you too want to incorporate Pampas Decor in your hotel, you have come to the right place. We've come up with 5 different décor ideas using real fluffy pampas grass.


purple pampas

Back to Black

Adding black to your space is a definite method to enhance mystery and drama. However, such a bold shade necessitates a keen eye for color and contrast.

 If you want to create a mysterious and enchanted atmosphere, this black Pampas is a great choice. Add the tall plumes to ceramic vases to create aesthetic corners or add them to Dried Flower Arrangements to achieve a dramatic setup.

black pampas


The true potential of Dried Black Pampas comes out when it has a black fireplace and stark white walls.

Outdoor Boho Decor

Use pampas grass, dried flowers, candles, antique rug, and metal lanterns to set the scene for boho-themed seating in your hotel's yard or garden.

Couples and love birds can use this setup to get some stunning images whilst enjoying the ambiance and food of your hotel.

dried pampas decor

Designers can also fill Tall vases packed with large bunches of pampas grass stems that can be used to create dramatic focal points throughout your decor. They provide a gentle backdrop to a modern frame seating and beautiful addition to a lounge area in this arrangement.

Create a Pampas Cloud.

A pampas cloud is a magnificent, fluffy decor element that has made its way into the decor market by bringing a fresh spin on the traditional plant. 

Dried Pampas Grass - Natural Semi Bleached

What's better? They can be customized to complement the hotel's interior design. The cloud gives a beautiful texture to the neutral space and is undoubtedly the room's center point.

Take inspiration from the Changing Seasons

While many people identify pampas with the autumn season, they can be used throughout the year. During the winters, Pampas grass in bold colors like red, yellow, and blue can be used to liven up the dull atmosphere. 

Pink Pampas Grass

The hotel decor can also feature modest winter-inspired decor items such as a holiday wreath and white vases filled with bright blooms, including pampas.

Similarly, for summers, colored pampas in the hues of pastels can make all the difference to the vibe indoors. 

Pastel Pampas Grass


Wreaths it Up

Any ambiance will benefit from the fluffy, feather-like grass, which provides texture and a relaxed, peaceful vibe. Pampas grass is crucial for 2022 if you're searching for an easy and inexpensive solution to renew your hotel décor.

pampas wreath


Forget about traditional floral wreaths; Bohemian Dried Pampas Wreaths are the new show-stoppers! Pampas Wreaths can be used in bridal arches, wall decorations, bar and seating areas, and more.

Dried Pampas Wreath has a smooth texture and a basic appearance, allowing it to merge in with other boho decor elements.