5 Pampas Grass Décor Ideas Perfect For Any Interior Style

5 Pampas Grass Decor Ideas Perfect For Any Interior Style

Nothing pairs better with house design than pampas grass, whether you have a rustic or modern space. Dried Pampas grass has recently become a source of passion for both amateur and expert interior decorators alike due to its lush, fluffy, and undoubtedly attractive appearance.

Pampas grass décor is one interior design fad that has been getting a lot of attention on social media as well. One reason for this popularity can be contributed to the fact that this lovely wheat-colored grass has a vintage feel while still evoking luxury and refinement!

Read on as we discuss 5 pampas ideas that will intrigue you as well about this really popular home décor trend.

5 Pampas Grass Decor Ideas

A Vibrant Pampas Cloud

A cloud made of pampas grass is a stunning piece of pampas décor. Dried pampas Chandeliers appear to hover above the room just like clouds!

Dried Pampas Grass

These arrangements, which are frequently seen hanging above dining room tables and in quaint bedroom nooks, know how to draw attention. Because of this, you can often find them used as wedding centerpieces. 

Dried Pampas in the neutral tones of beige, cream and natural can be used for a serene look; or for a popping effect, use Pink Pampas, Blue Pampas, Orange Pampas, etc.

Simply tie some natural dried pampas grass with crafting wire to create a cloud-like shape. Then tie a rope to the ceiling to turn any space into a tranquil haven.

Create a Custom Holiday Wreath

If you believe that wreaths are only used during the holiday season, think again! Making your own pampas grass wreath allows you to hang it inside or use it as a door or doorway decoration. It's a wonderful way to mark the beginning of the fall season and the conclusion of the summer.

Pampas Wreath

You may also use a pampas grass wreath as a personalized present for someone. Maybe you just want to showcase your artistic abilities! 

Whatever the situation, a DIY pampas grass wreath may provide a touch of elegance to any entrance or room.

Bouquet of Pampas Grass

One of the most common pampas grass decoration ideas is a bouquet. Pampas grass is available in prepared Dried bouquets and looks wonderful peaking above a variety of other dried flowers like eucalyptus, furry bunny tails, and palms. Some even include vibrant accent colors like pink, yellow, and pastels.

Dried Bouquet

Regardless of the design, put your bouquet in a quirky colored planter or a large vase. Dried Pampas Grass in Vase is a must-have for those who want to achieve a Vintage yet Boho décor look in their space. 

Colored Pampas Grass, Please

Everyone knows and loves pampas in its natural hues. But what if we told you, you can easily take your Pampas Décor up a notch by adding in a few Colored Stems!

The hues of pampas grass are literally limitless! You have numerous opportunities to add that color to your homes, from beige tones to pastels, purple and pink tones.

Dried Pampas Grass - Pastel Mix,

If you're striving for a minimalist design, fill huge ceramic vases with colorful pampas and set them on either side of your bed. It will emit a happy atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation. When combined with the room's neutral colors, the fluffy grass will give it a whimsical feel.

Incorporate Dried Flowers & Preserved Foliage With Pampas Grass

Pampas grass already has a captivating appearance. But when combined with Dried Flowers and Preserved Foliage, the results are out of this world!

It still goes well with other dried greenery, despite what this might imply. You can thus combine it with others to make them stand out even more, depending on the style of your house or living area.

Dried Sheaf Bouquet

Your room will look better and have a more delicate touch thanks to dried flower arrangements with pampas grass. Although pampas grass is often dense, shaking it can make it fluffier and more aesthetically pleasing. You'll have the most gorgeous and delicate arrangement once you add the dried flowers.

Summing It Up

Dried Pampas Grass won't let you down, we promise! The magnificent plumes are simply stunning and would match perfectly with any interior design theme! Additionally, they require little upkeep, which is why everyone is continually fixated on them.

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