Dried Flower Trends that are Going to be Everywhere in 2022

Dried Flower Trends that are Going to be Everywhere in 2022

From Fashion Shows to Red Carpet Events, Dried Flowers have been a huge hit in the last few years. Dried Flowers have taken over our Instagram feeds and are getting even bigger at a wedding, hotel interiors, events, home décor, etc by the minute.

Yes, you have guessed it right. Dried and Preserved Flowers have officially swapped Fresh flowers, and they are here to stay! Trendsetters have officially begun using Dried Bouquets and Dried Grasses for décor sets. 

Destined to become one of the biggest trends in the year 2022, Dried Flower options are boundless. From Dried Pampas to fluffy Bunny Tails and Dried Setaria, you can find it all. With these Long-Lasting Blooms in the picture, the world of floristry has never been the same.

That doesn’t stop here. The trend also extends to Dried Palms, Foliage, Preserved Flowers, Dried Bouquets, Dried Wreaths, etc. So let’s take a look at some of the upcoming trends for 2022. 

Subdued Neutrals 

A subtle and minimalist bunch of Dried Flowers can work wonders for Modern Interiors, giving out the illusion of a simple and uncluttered space. The monochromatic and earthy tones of Browns, Whites, and Ivory can be easily found in Dried Flowers and Dried Grass as compared to their fresh counterparts. 

Bleached Pampas, Preserved Gunny Eucalyptus, Dried Hydrangeas, Bleached Palm Spears, etc make an amazing choice for those who like to have textural displays in their space. You can style these Preserved Blooms in Tall Vases to create statement pieces. 

dried pampas

Pretty Pastels

For Baby showers, birthday parties, or even corporate events, Dried Flower Arrangements in pastel hues can never go wrong. For those who love the Spring Season and its vibrancy, you are in for a treat because the variety of Dried Flowers and Dried Bouquets in pastel shades is unmatched. 

Some must-haves in this category are Dried Oats Lilac Bunch, Dried Triticum Frosted Salmon Bunch, Pink Dried Pampas, Dried Sorghum - Pastel Mix. 

dried bouquet in UK

Alluring Gothic 

Not everyone goes for bright and vibrant shades. Some people have started using Dried Flowers in deeper and darker shades such as Black and Plum. It is almost impossible to find such hues in fresh flowers, but Dried Flowers have a darker appearance owing to their nature. 

Use of Dried Beauties such as Dried Physalis Black Bunch, Black Palm Spears, Preserved Celesiosa-Purple Bunch, Black Pampas, Dried Setaria, Dried Lino Vlas - Black Sleeved Bunch in Dried Flower Décor owing to their unusually beautiful apprentice and texture. 

dried chinese lanterns

Countryside Charm  

Those who love all things Rustic, Dried Flowers will never disappoint you. To get a feel of the Bohemian Décor, there is a huge variety of Dried Flowers such as Dried Triticum (Dried Wheat), Dried Sorghum, Dried Oats Bunch, Dried Grass Wreath, Dried Seteria, etc. All the aforementioned Dried Products can be found in several hues. 

Pro Tip: Instead of spending hundreds of pounds on expensive furniture pieces, you can add Terracotta Pots with Macramé Hanging along with the aforementioned Dried Flowers. And see how it elevates your space with a Bohemian Renaissance. 

dried wheat

The great thing about Dried Flowers and Dried Grass is that they will last for a long time. You can inculcate them in your home, office, or party décor without thinking about their maintenance twice. For the people who regularly buy flowers, it is time for you to switch to Preserved Flowers since they are a one-time investment. 

And if you are looking for Flowers online, you have landed at the right place. Dried Flowers and Décor has it all. In case you have any queries or want to place a bulk order, feel free to contact our Team of Expert Florists right away!

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