Why Is Everyone Loving Natural Dried Flowers

Why Is Everyone Loving Natural Dried Flowers

Dried and Preserved Flowers have been topping the trending charts on the Internet and for a good reason!  Fresh Flowers are still popular, but when it comes to Dried Flower Arrangements, it is a different story altogether.

Every second person wants to get their hands on these Dried Beauties for reasons ranging from Dried Flower décor, Dried Flower Bouquets to gifting and home decoration.

COVID-19 granted us the time for home improvement, which skyrocketed the demand for home décor items that are visually stimulating and sustainable at the same time. Meaning that Dried Flowers has made a comeback and they are here to stay for good! 

5 Reasons Why We Love Natural Dried Flowers

At Dried Flowers & Décor, we use our Floral Industry expertise and offer beautiful Dried Flowers, Dried Pampas, Dried Palms, etc to Flower Enthusiasts in the UK. Through this guide, we hope to shed light on some of the amazing benefits of Dried Flowers and how they can add enhance your space and events. 

Dried Flowers are Long-Lasting 

The thing that differentiates Dried Flowers from their Fresh Counterparts is the fact that Dried Flowers can last for a really long time. Good-Quality Dried Flowers if properly taken care of, can even last for 2-3 years! Fresh flower arrangements can last max up to 10 days and that too not without withering petals and mosquito infestation.

On the other hand, you can create beautiful and long-lasting Dried Flower Decorations and Dried Bouquets to brighten up your space throughout the year. 

Dried Flowers are Low-Maintenance

Plants and fresh flowers need to be watered and taken care of on regular basis. Some people even go to the lengths of planning their trips around their plant’s watering schedule! But Flower lovers are in for a treat because you won’t actually have to look after the Dried Flowers.

They don’t require any watering and will stay beautiful no matter what. You can happily go on long trips without worrying about your Dried Flowers. 

Dried Flowers are Extremely Affordable  

Some people seem to think that Dried Flowers are super-expensive. This is partially true since prices tend to vary from vendor to vendor. But if you buy Dried Flowers from a trusted Flower Wholesaler, not only will you save money but also will be guaranteed of their good quality. 

Let’s say suppose you pay 30 Pounds for a fresh bouquet, it will last you for about 8-10 days, but a 30-pound Dried Bouquet can last you for more than 2 years (that’s an understatement). When you compare the longevity of the flowers, Dried Flowers are a clear winner here.

dried flower stems

Dried Flowers are Eco-Friendly 

The Quality of Sustainability and Biodegradability is what makes the Dried Flowers even more special. Dried Flowers are 100% Natural, last more than a year, and are eco-friendly. Beautiful Blooms that are safe for the environment, what more could we possibly want?

Since Dried Natural Flowers are reusable, their carbon footprint is significantly less than the fresh flowers, which makes them all the more beneficial for a Green Earth. 

dried flowers bulk

Dried Flowers come in a Plethora of Options 

You will be amazed to learn just how many varieties of Dried Flowers are available in the market. From Dried Nigella, Dried Spray Roses, Dried Helichrysum to Dried Phalaris, Dried Lavender, Dried Triticum, you can find it all in our store. It doesn’t stop here.

To complement the beautiful Preserved Flowers, we also offer an exotic variety of Dried Pampas, Dried Palms, Décor items, etc. at the most affordable prices in the UK. 

dried peonies UK

At Dried Flowers & Décor, we want you to experience the immaculate joy of Dried Flowers and the vibrancy that they bring along with them. Our expert florist hand curates beautiful Dried Flower Bouquets that are suitable for any occasion, gifting, or home décor. Visit our Online Dried Flower Store to explore through a huge selection of Dried Flowers and much more at unbeatable prices in the UK!

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