10 Ways to Make Your Event Look Beautiful With Dried Flowers & Pampas Grass

10 Ways to Make Your Event Look Beautiful With Dried Flowers & Pampas Grass


Looking for ways to make your Event Look Beautiful? Try using Dried flowers and Pampas Grass! The combination of these two can add a touch of elegance to any event. Dried flowers are great for adding natural beauty to an event, while Dried Pampas can give your space a more lush feel. 

Because of its dimension and fluffy appearance, Pampas Grass Stems are ideal for larger-scale party décor installations. While it's most frequently linked with a bohemian aesthetic, we've recently seen it employed in more contemporary, minimal, and even intimate weddings. 

Whether you're planning a wedding, a Glam Party, Baby Shower or just a Get Together with friends and family, these dried beauties are sure to add the extra pizzazz to your Event Décor!

10 Event Decor Ideas With Dried Flowers & Pampas Grass

Dried Flower Garland Adorned With Coloured Pampas Grass

Dried flower garlands are brilliantly coloured and textured, making them ideal for draping over your staircase, fireplace mantle, mirrors, or placing over your table.  

dried flowers UK

For The Garlands, Dried blooms like Mimosa, Lavender, Ixodia, Baby’s Breath, Nigella, Poppy Heads, etc are ideal. To complement the Flowers, imbibe Colourful Pampas such as red Pampas grass, Orange Pampas grass, etc. 

Orange Pampas UK

Because the Dried Garlands are so light, you can easily move them wherever you like. They're also a lot easier to build than they appear. 

Dried Flower Cake Décor

Who says only Dried Flowers belong on the cake? Why not mix things up and add some fluffy Pampas grass! Decorate your cake with intricate dried blooms and colored pampas for some extra jazz and texture. 

Dried flowers on cake

Dried Pampas Grass Statement Pieces 

Massive, remarking Pampas Grass Arrangements can be put up on the walls to greet your guests as they enter your reception hall. 

Red Pampas UK

The Pampas grass Arrangements wonderfully frame the seating area, and the neutral tone of the Fluffy grass feels harmonious with the wood and rattan décor. Choose Brown Pampas grass, Natural or Bleached Pampas grass for this look. 

DIY Dried Flower & Pampas Grass Bouquet in Glass Domes 

Using Glass Domes to display Dried flowers and Pampas grass is a great method to keep Dried Bouquets looking their best.

Some good flower choices for this project are Dried Poppy Heads, Broom Broom, Lagurus Grass, Spray Roses, and Mimosas. Combine Neutral Pampas to tone down the color palette. 

dried flowers and pampas grass

Cut a Spong piece according to the size of the dome’s diameter. Add the tallest blooms first, beginning in the center. Add the flowers and grasses around them in an increasingly shorter style. The remainder of the sponge block can be covered with shorter stems of Gypsophila and Preserved Foliage

Dried Pampas Grass Colour Blocking

Consider utilizing brightly colored blocks as pillars to exhibit Pampas Grass and Dried Flowers entwined with preserved greenery for a modern ceremony backdrop that nevertheless has a romantic feel.

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DIY Dried Flower Confetti

Do you desire to do something unique and environmentally friendly for your event or wedding? Distribute paper cones packed with dried blossoms as confetti!

Baby's Breath UK


Not only are the flowers completely biodegradable, but they would also look gorgeous in photos.  Dried confetti can be matched with the theme of your event and is guaranteed to please your guests.

Dried Flowers Wreaths

Wreaths aren't just for Christmas; they may be displayed on the entrance for events and weddings. Dried flower wreaths will look lovely in any season. 

dried wreath

Use dried Delphinium for bright and colorful spring wreaths, or Brown Pampas for somber autumn wreaths. The best part is that these wreaths can be reused for years to come! They'd also look great as reception décor. 

Dried Flower Candle Centerpiece 

Candles are the simplest way to provide a nice vibe to a space, but arranging them with florals takes it a step further. Trim your preserved blooms and Pampas and interweave them into a candle centerpiece, or put your vases beside candlesticks for a more dramatic impact.

dried flower candle stand

Keep in mind that you should always keep your wicks away from any stray blooms so they don't become a fire hazard.

Dried Pampas Grass Mirror Décor

A dried pampas arrangement on a mirror or mantlepiece is a beautiful way to add a delicate, feminine boho touch to the décor. This display will create a vivid, textured wild feel of the dried grass with a faded classic aesthetic of luxury and opulence.

dried triticum

Ornamental grasses such as Dried Oats, Dried Triticum, and Lagurus grass can also be added for the added drama. 

Framed Dried Flowers

Framed dried flowers, being one-of-a-kind works of art, might have sentimental value if the flowers were originally from a previous occasion.

framed dried flowers

Framing dried flowers is a easy, simple, and quick project. And whether you attach the flowers to some brown paper before placing them in the frame or simply place them in a transparent frame, they'll always look great!

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