Top 5 Trends in Dried Autumn Wedding Flower Arrangements

Top 5 Trends in Dried Autumn Wedding Flower Arrangements

Rustic, charming, and vintage, dried flowers are easily the perfect delightful addition to a dreamy autumn wedding. The season’s warm, cosy energy complements the vivacious beauty of dried flower arrangements. Autumn flowers are a superb way to introduce charisma to your dried flower bouquet.   

Dried flower arrangements for weddings have recently become a popular topic across the UK. Not only are dried flowers economical, but their beauty also lasts for a long time, leading to their rising popularity as a wedding bouquet.

The convenience of beauty paired with low maintenance has made these dried bouquets a smashing hit.

Dried flowers are known for being the best autumn wedding flowers. In this blog, we’ll explore the top 5 trends for creating picture-perfect fall-themed dried flower arrangements.

5 Latest Trends in Fall-themed Dried Flower Wedding Bouquets 

Deep, Earthy Hues

Autumn wedding flowers are known for their deep, earthy hues. Whether it is the signature sunset hue of Preserved Amaranthus or an autumn shade of Dried Palm Spears, the rich, warm colour palette of fall exudes an earthy appeal in any autumn bridal bouquet.

Dried flowers in hues like deep reds, burnt oranges, mustard yellows, and muted greens invoke the signature tranquillity that's synonymous with autumn. Our wholesale dried flower trends often highlight the popularity of orange autumn flowers like Dried Batao and Dried Bougainvillaea.   

The folksy, homey shades of autumn florals incorporate just enough magic to transform your wedding and take it to a divine level. 




Woodland Aesthetic

Autumn and woodland aesthetics go hand-in-hand. When dried wedding bouquets meet the wonder of fairies, forests, and folklore it’s a recipe for mystical woodland magic. The central idea of the aesthetic is to bring nature into the palm of your hands by creating a moody mix of textures and colours like mixing light Pampas Grass with awe-inspiring Dried Peonies.  

Our top picks for a woodland-inspired autumn wedding bouquet

  • Dried Protea African Repens
  • Preserved Eucalyptus 
  • Preserved Bracken Fern
  • Pampas Grass

The autumn florals and foliage curated for a woodland aesthetic present the perfect alchemy of rustic and soothing aura to brighten up your special day. 




Boho Minimalism

Boho Minimalism gives you the best of both worlds by retaining simplicity while also infusing a distinct wildness to your dried bouquets. Loose, unstructured bouquets and centrepieces with a variety of dried autumn blooms, along with a contrast between small dried flowers for delicacy and taller foliage like Palms for a base, create a relaxed and organic look. 

For a flawless minimalistic boho look stick to minimal colour variations and use dried flowers and foliage like 

  • Natural Pampas Grass 
  • Natural Palm Spears 
  • Bleached Dried Loofah 
  • Natural Dried Lunaria 
  • Dried white Ammobium  

Create a free-spirited, artistic dried wedding bouquet by harnessing the eclectic allure of boho minimalism.  

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Single-tone or Monofloral Dried Bouquets 

Dried Bouquets inspired by myriad hues of a single colour are quickly becoming a favourite in the country. Warm autumn hues for a rustic fall wedding bouquet make show-stopping monofloral dried arrangements. The ultimate goal of a single-tone dried wedding bouquet is to create a colour-blocked effect and achieve a monotone, streamlined final look. 

Create your own monofloral autumn bouquet with differing hues of shades of orange, red, muted green, or brown. Our top picks for a dazzling single-tone autumn wedding bouquet are orange hues of: 

  • Dried Chamaerops Palm 
  • Dried Phalaris Grass 
  • Preserved Ruscus 
  • Dried Gomphrena

Revel in the snug, simple refinement of a monofloral dried flower bouquet and bring cosiness to your wedding decor



Contrasting textures and Natural Elements

Autumn blooms come in a variety of different textures from vibrant flowers to airy grasses. The visual contrast and textural feel add depth to any dried autumn bridal bouquet.  Incorporating natural elements like twine, burlap, or wood accents can enhance the vintage, rustic feel that fall-themed dried wedding bouquets are known for. 

The differing textures between dried flowers and foliage like Dried Triticale, Dried Silver Grass, Dried Nigella Orientalis, and Dried Palms, create the most stunning contrast in dried flower arrangements

Autumn-themed bridal dried flower arrangements with differing textures and intervening natural elements not only add visual interest but also create a tactile experience that engages the senses. 




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With proper guidance, dried flowers can become a centre of attraction at weddings. Interested in exploring dried flower wedding decor for your business? Explore our range of wholesale dried flowers and bag exclusive discounts on bulk orders. 

In the realm of autumn weddings, dried flower arrangements are flourishing with artistic wonder and charm. These top five trends, marked by warm earthy tones, captivating textures, boho inspirations, and sentimental touches, reflect the evolving preferences of couples seeking a unique, fall-centred celebration. 

Add a touch of whimsy and invite magic into your fall wedding! Expand your creativity with our autumn florals today. 

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