Perfect Ideas for International Women's Day Gifts and Bouquets

Perfect Ideas for International Women's Day Gifts and Bouquets

With International Women’s Day around the corner, everyone must have started looking for bouquets and gift ideas to honor the beautiful and strong women in their lives. Now although you might think that women’s day flowers feel and sound cliché but hear us out on this one.

Fresh Flowers may wither in 7-8 days, but when you choose Dried Flowers as gifts not only will they last very long but also remind their receiver of your undying love and respect for them! So here are some of the best Women’s Day gifts. 

Gift & Bouquet Ideas for Women’s Day  

Dried Flower Bouquets

Every person loves to receive flowers as a gift no matter what. And since Women’s Day falls in the spring season, it only makes sense to show them gratitude with colorful blooms that are preserved in time.

We offer Dried Flower Bouquets and Luxury Dried Bouquets in an exclusive range of colors, sizes, and prices. You can buy a Dried Bouquet of your favorite flowers, get it packaged and delivered to the doorstep of that special person. We have listed some of our bestselling Bouquets here. 



Dried Décor Bouquet Faux Sheaf- Pink Selection 


Dried Décor Bouquet Faux Sheaf- Pink Selection

Dried Babala Bouquet - Bleached Large Selection

bleached dried bouquet

Luxury Dried Flower Bouquet - Eliza

dried flower bouquet

Door Wreaths 

Giving a gorgeous Door Wreath is the perfect gift for those who enjoy decorating indoors and outdoors with hangings and flowers alike. Many people choose Mimosa (Flowering Acacia) or Roses for Women’s Day but you could go a step further and get them Door Wraths made out of Dried Flowers! Our expert florists hand curate some of the best Dried Wreaths in the UK. Our wreaths are made of 100% dried flowers and grasses that perfectly capture the essence of femininity. 

Dried Wreath - Lilac, Bleached Selection

dried wreath

Deluxe Flower Hoop Wreath With Babala

dried flower hoop wreath

Mixed Dried Wreath - Natural Selection

mixed dried wreath

Fine Décor Articles

Those who love to go for the unconventional gifting options; they will know how much art geeks love to collect beautiful décor items. This is why to compliment your flowers or to give as a stand-alone gift, we offer an exquisite range of decor items such as Vases, Pots, Macrame Hangers. In a nutshell, everything a woman will love to receive no matter what. The very beauty of femineity lies in its strength, which is why we have introduced this collection that represents many facets of womanhood such as beauty, passion, and motherhood. So be assured, you are going to rock International Women's Day 2022!

Dried Peacock Feather - Bleached

Dried Peacock Feather - Bleached, 90 cm

White Rope And Metal Frame Candle Lantern - Incl. Candle Glass

White Rope And Metal Frame Candle Lantern - Incl. Candle Glass, 35 cm

Ceramic Glazed Slim Neck Vase - Grey

ceramic vase