DIY Dried Palm Leaves Decor

DIY Dried Palm Leaves Decor: The Perfect Xmas Treat (Not for your tummy!)

It’s time to weave the magic wand of creativity and invite warmth into your Christmas Decor. Christmas dried flowers and foliage provide the perfect pop of brightness to your holiday decorations.  

Dried Palm Leaves have a unique presence that infuses any space or event with its bold, confident aura. When highlighted as a part of a suave Xmas decor, these elegant stems can transform any decor be it minimalist or extravagant. 

Ready to do some holiday crafting? Pick your favourite vases, grab your trusty scissors and let’s create a fantastic Christmas decor piece with a couple of dried palm spears or dried palm fronds.

4 Standout Ideas For DIY Dried Palm Leaves Decor 

Minimalistic Dried Palm Spears Display 







Dried Palms demand attention wherever they’re placed. Incorporate them into a minimalistic Xmas decor and you’ll have a hassle-free striking display or Christmas centerpiece. Simply pick your most beloved vase or jar and throw in a couple of Palm Spears (we recommend our festive variations like the gold palm spears and silver palm spears for creating a celebratory feel.

That’s it! Go wild with the colours and varieties of dried palm spears available at Dried Flowers & Decor to make your dream palm-centred display.  

Bohemian Garland







Deck your home in Bohemian glamour with a dried palm spear garland. Dried palm fronds and palm leaves are the easiest options for a graceful Christmas garland. Simply string the palm leaves together to create a flexible garland that can be draped along mantels and staircases, or even used as a part of your Christmas tree decorations.

The best palm spears for these are dried bleached sun palms and dried natural palm spears. This simple yet impactful decor idea will transform your space into an island retreat in no time.

Creating multiple glamorous garlands for your events? Shop bulk dried palm leaves and other foliage or check out our dried flowers’ bulk order options to enjoy exclusive wholesale discounts. 

Whimsical Wall Art




Let your inner artist take the wheel and create eye-catching wall art out of dried palms. Pick your favourite out of our wide variety of dried palm fronds like the Large Dried Chamaerops Palm to create wall art that’s whimsical yet vivid.  

Let the carefully selected dried palm fronds rest on your wall, frame individual dried palm leaves for a minimalist look, or go bold with a collage that captures the natural beauty of the palm spears. Experiment with different flower arrangements and frame styles to create a unique dried palm focal point for any room. Enjoy tropical charm with your whimsy wall art. 

Everlasting Flowers-n-Foliage Bouquet




A dried bouquet is the perfect vessel for highlighting the prominence of dried palms. The distinguishable presence of dried palm leaves can make any Christmas bouquet command attention. 

Arrange dried palm leaves as the centrepiece and complement them with smaller dried flowers and foliage like Small Dried Poppy Heads, Dried Gypsophila, and Dried Achillea. Besides making a stunning dried floral bouquet, this elegant dried flower arrangement works beautifully as a dining table centrepiece or stylish accent on a side table. It’s a wonderful decor piece that’s shockingly low-maintenance. 

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Dried Palms are a sustainable, convenient way to electrify your holiday decor. Their signature statement-making charm makes them the perfect fit for Christmas decorations. 

From chic displays to bohemian garlands to whimsical wall art, your DIY creations will not only echo the beauty of nature but also resonate with the essence of your unique style. Shop our premium dried palm collection and enjoy festive offers on dried palm leaves wholesale orders.

As you revel in the warmth of your joy-adorned space, may these imaginative Christmas decor ideas serve as a reminder that the most enchanting holiday magic is often found in the simplicity of handmade elements. Happy decorating and happy holidays!


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