Learn how to Style Dried Palm Leaves in your Hotel Like a Top Designer

Learn how to Style Dried Palm Leaves in your Hotel Like a Top Designer

While pampas grass has been the go-to for interior designers, tastemakers, and Instagram stars looking to spruce up a space, another option that has taken over our feeds is dried palm leaves. Its low-maintenance and neutral colour make any room seem amazing. 

Affordable and versatile, palm leaves can be used anywhere. The leaves are a simple way to inject life and energy to a stale corner of your hotel room.

Many hotels have the option to add palm trees in their yards, but not every place has the option to do that. Dried leaves are an equally elegant finishing touch if you don't have access to one or don't want to purchase one at your neighborhood nursery.

Large Dried Chamaerops Palm

Dried palms offer the best value for your money when it comes to evoking a tropical atmosphere at a hotel because they require absolutely no care or upkeep.

They are incredibly adaptable and come in a wide range of sizes and forms to fit whatever area you might (or might not!) need to fill.

You can use this collection as inspiration to give your hotel a boho, island feel.

  • Dried Chamaerops Palm
  • Palm Chamaerops are the ideal choice if you're looking for something a little bigger to make an eye-catching statement or focal point in a room. 

    They are the perfect complement for a floor-standing vase because they come in both huge spears and more delicate stems. 


    Large Dried Chamaerops Palm

    You can go clean and rustic with a metal vase or go retro and boho with a tall seagrass vase. Or why not take use of their size and produce a dried palm wall art display!

    You can also combine the Chamaerops with Dried Flowers and Pampas Grass to create a Dried Flower Arrangement. 

  • Dried Palm Fronds
  • The textured fronds of the date palm are the perfect replacement for the conventional Chamaerops and spear dried palm leaves. They provide an elegant and structured form that is perfect for enhancing a dry palm arrangement or other exotic dried flower display. 

    Dried Palm Leaf - Platinum Edition


    They can be used for an urban jungle décor style just as well or a rural, simple interior vibe. Since these palm leaves are huge, they can work very well on their own. 

    Golden palm fronds are very popular for use in glam night decor, red carpet events, new year's parties, etc. 

     Dried Palm Spears

    With a handful of dried palm spears, you can bring some dried palms to your life in one of the simplest and least expensive ways possible. 

    They have countless options! From cake toppers to mingling in with other exotic blooms and shelf decor in a cute vintage pot. Any fan of tropical interiors must have palm spears. 


    Mini Dried Palm Spears

    Additionally, table runners for the eating room can be made from dried palm spears. For a serene and moody appearance, these table runners can feature an alluring combination of dried baby’s breath,  spray roses, dried Gomphrena, and dry sun palms.


    Dried palm wall arrangement

     A simple method to liven up an empty wall is to display palm leaves on it. The most straightforward approach to making a dried palm wall hanging is with a sizable fan palm leaf.

    If you want to add something unique to your hotel, consider a dried palm wall arrangement. They are an eye-catching option for anyone with the space to make a true centerpiece because they are made from a combination of dried palm leaves together with other preserved flowers and foliage.


    Preserved Sword Fern

    There are a few ways to hang your dried palm leaves on a wall, depending on the sort of leaf you've selected. To attach them to the wall, you may try using hooks, ornamental nails, velcro strips or even adhesive glue if your walls are ruined by them. 

    Use brightly colored palm leaves in hues of pink, aquamarine blue, or ivory (Bleached Palm leaves) on an empty wall to create a sun-like pattern. Start with smaller palm spears in the middle.


    Dried Palm Spears - Aquamarine Blue


    Then as you go further, use larger leaves such as Champers and fronds. The result will be unique hotel décor that may encourage the guests to click a picture or two in your hotel!



    Dried palm leaves are a great, environmentally friendly method to add jungle, and botanical vibes to interior design and hotel decor! They stay forever and can be used in place of numerous bouquets of fresh flowers. Try out some of the aforementioned suggestions using our selection of dried flowers, pampas, and more from Dried Flowers & Décor.