6 Reasons Why to Choose Dried Flowers over Fresh Flowers

6 Reasons Why to Choose Dried Flowers over Fresh Flowers

Dried Flowers are trending in the Wedding, Event & Home Décor Industry owing to their versatility and long-lasting nature. Fresh blooms are gorgeous but their beauty is short-lived. But these days, from special celebrations to interiors, one thing that remains constant is the use of Dried Flowers.

This is why there are many Wholesale Flower Shops that specialize in artful floral arrangements which convey a person’s sentiments with utter beauty and elegance. 


dried mimosa

Don’t yet make the mistake of thinking that Dried Flowers are just beautiful. They come with a lot of benefits as well. Some of the noteworthy reasons why you should use Dried Flowers for weddings and events instead of fresh flowers are mentioned below.

  • Dried Flowers are long-lasting 
  • Fresh blooms can stay beautiful only for a span of 8-10 days. But because the Dried Flowers go through a meticulous preservation process, they can easily last for more than a year.

    Besides if you buy dried flower supplies from a trusted local or Online florist, this may increase their shelf life even more because they provide the guarantee of color and quality.  By using these high-quality blooms, you can create Dried Flower arrangements or Dried Bouquets.  

    dried flower bunches in UK
  • Dried Flowers are reusable 
  • The aforementioned quality makes Dried flowers the perfect choice for use in wedding decor, party decorations, home interiors, etc. Fresh Flowers have to be set up on the same day as the event or they’ll wither away.

    Don’t even get us started on the hassle of transporting them safely to the destination. But with Dried Flower arrangements, Wedding Decorators & Event planners can be assured of their longevity as they hold their beauty throughout the event. 

    A bonus takeaway: After the wedding or event is over, you can carefully unbundle the Dried Decor, pack the blooms, and voila, the Dried Flowers can be easily reused for the next celebration or event! 

    dried poppy heads in UK
  • Dried Flowers don’t require watering or maintenance
  • To keep your plants and flowers alive, you need to care for them every single day. Some people enjoy having flowers in their home decor but despise all the extra efforts that they demand.

    This is why one can opt for  Dried or preserved flowers that don’t require any watering or maintenance whatsoever. Without doing much, you can fashion beautiful and long-lasting Dried Flower Bouquets all around the house.

    dried bunny tails stems
  • Dried Flowers are available in vibrant colors & sizes
  • Yes, we know fresh blooms have a lot of variety to offer, but Dried Flowers take it to the next level. Not only can they be bleached but also colored in the shade you prefer. Be it bold pink, lilac, black, or neon green, Dried flowers will never cease to amaze you. 

    Let’s say suppose you can choose Wholesale Dried Flowers in many, shapes, sizes, and varieties such as Dried Lavender, Oat Avena, Triticum, Helichrysum, Delphinium, Rodanthe, Phalaris, etc. In a nutshell, the sky is the limit when it comes to these Dried beauties. 


    dried flower stems in UK
  • Dried Flowers are economical
  • A simple example to prove why we are saying this: A typical £20 fresh flower Bouquet will last max for 2 weeks, but a £30 Dried Bouquet will last anywhere from a year or two. Now you do the math and decide for yourself which deal is more beneficial to you in the long run!

    And as already mentioned above, Dried Wedding flowers can be reused again as many times as you want and in whatever way you want. Talk about getting value for every buck!


    dried spray roses bunch
  • Dried Flowers are available in all seasons
  • Previously people used to plan their weddings according to the seasons just to avail their favorite flower décor. But not anymore! Because Dried Flowers are available throughout the year. There are many Dried Flower Wholesalers that make sure to stock trendy and chic flowers all year round. With Dried Flowers in the picture, you can have the floral arrangements of your dreams without having to wait months!

    dried babala bunch


    Fresh or dried, all flowers have an astounding beauty and charisma is that is truly unmatched. However, after reading this blog, we are sure that you too might have joined us in loving dried flowers. 

    So if you are looking for dried flowers near you, the easiest way is to visit DriedFlowers&Decor. We are dried flower wholesalers in the UK dealing in  Dried Flowers, Dried Pampas, Dried Palm Leaves, Décor Pieces, Preserved Flowers & more. So shop today our Dried Beauties at unbeatable prices and get them delivered to your doorstep. 


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