Why Dried Flowers Are Considered to Be One of the Hottest Wedding Trends in UK

Why Dried Flowers Are Considered to Be One of the Hottest Wedding Trends in UK


If you are looking for something unique, here’s something best suited for you!

Wedding trends may come and go, but there are a few design elements that may change the face of your wedding completely. One such thing is flowers. Perhaps Wedding Flowers create a big impact on the look of your ceremony, reception, Bridal Bouquet, and even the overall color palette.

Many people believe that fresh flowers can not be substituted, but when they learn about the Benefits of Dried Flowers, one can not simply resist their charm.

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Why choose Dried Flowers for Wedding Décor

Dried Flowers are unexpected

Dried Wedding flowers although are now becoming widely available, they are still not as popular as their fresh counterparts. This makes Dried flowers a striking detail in the larger wedding floral designs. Dried Flowers Wedding Centerpieces are considered to be avant-garde by many flower decorators and event planners. 

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Dried Blooms lend a touch of uniqueness and art if done the right way. Our team of florists often stresses the use of Dried blooms such as Baby’s breath, Bunny Tails, Dried Pampas, Dried Palm Leaves, etc. Since they offer a variety of textures, colors, and shapes but also don’t overwhelm the overall look. 

Dried Flowers come in a palette of alluring colors

As the flowers are dried, their trade their fresh shades of colors for a palette that’s unlike anything you see in the fresh florals. Don’t get us wrong, fresh flowers are colorful and vibrant, but the grace and endurance that dried blooms offer are simply out of the world. 

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Let’s say suppose you want a neutral pallet, there is no better way to achieve the vintage look other than using Bleached Dried Flowers. If you wish to create a modern vibrant floral arrangement, Dried blooms come in plenty of bold colors such as cerise pink, Bordeaux red, lime, etc. 

Dried Flowers are long-lasting

Since the flowers have already been dried, they tend to provide many benefits. Dried Flowers are easier to transport from one destination to another country of their enduring nature.

They don’t need to be kept in water to retain freshness, they can withstand extreme heat weather changes without withering. This makes Dried Flowers a practical choice for using flower wedding décor.

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Not to mention the tons of savings Dried Flowers have to offer. Those who believe in sustainability or are looking to save on their wedding budget should opt for Dried Flowers.
Use them to create dried flower wedding décor for your ceremony venue. Then simply have them transported and reused at your reception venue. A perfect mixture of sustainability and savings in our opinion! 

Dried Flowers add class to floral arrangements

Dried Blooms have the uncanny ability to give a chic touch to traditional floral designs and arrangements. Dried flowers with their mesmerizing variety of colors, textures, and designs have proved to be an edgier inclusion in wedding centerpieces and even bouquets.

In the past few years, Flower wedding decorators with their intricate craftsmanship and excellent choice of florals, have been curating immaculate and classic Dried Flower arrangements with a modern touch! 

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We are dried flowers wholesale in the UK. We provide a wide range of Dried Flowers, Dried Pampas, Dried Palm Leaves, Décor Pieces, Preserved Flowers & more at unbeatable prices in the UK. So if you are someone who wishes to buy bulk dried flowers online, Dried Flowers & Décor is the perfect choice for you! 

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