15 Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Event Look Pretty

15 Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Event Look Pretty


When it comes to planning an event, there are a million things to think about and it can be easy to get caught up in the big details. But don't forget about the little details that can make a big impact, like decorations.  

How about making amazing DIY Dried flower Arrangements for any events? The Dried flower you select for your event will be heavily influenced by the type of event you're planning, your target audience, and the venue. However, you may note that certain dried flower arrangements are popular all year and complement a range of settings.

Events Planners, Wedding Organizers, and Couples are continually looking for methods to spend their money more wisely as the average cost of a wedding, celebration, or event rises in the UK. The Event Flowers are a relatively straightforward option that can help to save some money.

Gorgeous dried florals can create such a stunning mood for your events, but luxuriant bouquets are likely to be equally pricey. While extravagant bouquets and arrangements are great, there are several simple methods to save money on your floral budget.



Sustainable Centerpieces: Go natural. Make dried arrangements that you can reuse by decorating dried flowers, dried pampas, and Dried Palms in eye-catching containers. Alternatively, to create depth and complexity to your arrangements, incorporate twigs, leaves, and other preserved greenery.


dried bunny tails


Budget Friendly Dried Flowers: Bunny Tails, Spray Roses, and Dried Baby's breath are all low-cost filler flowers that can be used to create stunning floral displays. Choose monotone hues and pack the flowers tightly together to elevate the effect.


dried gypsophila

Reduce and Reuse. At a wedding, choose modest Dried bouquets for the bridesmaids and repurpose the dried flower arrangements as decorations for the guest book table, restrooms, dessert table, and so on at the reception. Enlist the help of a friend to transport the ceremony decorations to the reception location.


dried bouquets

Experiment With Non-Floral Centerpieces: For your centerpieces, choose a different focal point, such as ceramic vases, exotic lanterns, or perhaps frosted twigs. This allows you to have a diverse décor design whilst also using dried flowers.



Consider Buying Dried Flowers Online: Instead of going to a local florist, look for dried flowers from online flower wholesalers. They have a larger selection to offer and you can also have your blooms delivered directly to your venue. This saves you money by eliminating the intermediary (aka the florist), which is a fantastic idea if you intend to do DIY flower arrangements anyhow.


dried flowers online

Dried Palms For The Win: Dried Palm Spear Fans are a great way to give a touch of elegance or a unique focal point to a room. Dried palm leaves are large, extremely affordable and make a statement in a simple setting. Place numerous palm leaves in a vase, being sure to cut them at different lengths for maximum impact.


dried palm leaves

Picture backdrop-When it comes to a picture backdrop, some brands believe that less is more. Instead of covering an entire wall in dried flowers, judiciously placed blooms can still create an impression. Simple ways to use dried flowers include a delicate outline of a logo or a cluster of flowery shapes.


dried flower wholesale

Use Expensive flowers Sparingly. Dried Artichokes or Globe Echinops are lovely, but a centerpiece of these flowers will be costly. Instead, choose one large bloom and fill the remainder of the centerpiece arrangement with less expensive flowers.


dried artichokes

Bringing in the Green - Greenery and preserved foliage-covered walls not only complements an event's theme but also creates a comfortable atmosphere. This branded creation can make use of dried leaves such as Dried Eucalyptus and Helecho. Apply a contrasting logo to let your branding stand out against the monotone green background.


preserved helecho


The Boho Effect: Incorporate components such as a blend of Dried Pampas Grass and dried blooms into a branded wall to transport guests to a Boho destination. A Chic wall is a crowd favorite that always makes a statement, whether at a product launch or a private gathering. For extra points, use colored Pampas!


pampas grass

Dried Wheat Sheaf- Unprocessed Dried Wheat  (Triticum) Sheaf wispy ends provide a subtle touch to the décor design. A mason jar wrapped with ribbon or adorned with flowers makes an ideal setup. This centerpiece pleasantly welcomes guests while remaining unobtrusive to the main event.


wheat sheaf

Wine Bottles- Have any bottles left over from the previous event? There's no reason to get rid of them. Wash the bottle and either paint it matte or metallic or wrap it in twine or just leave as is. This improvised vase is ideal for adding dimension and refinement to any dining setting.


dried flowers in wine bottle

Single Flower Stems: When it comes to dried flowers, there is no need for a large bouquet; single stems can look just as elegant and stylish. Try one huge sculptural Dried Artichoke or Celosia stem, or individual stems in a collection of metallic pots, vases, and bottles along a mantle or in the center of a table.


echinops in UK

Wreath it Up- A Dried Wreath is ideal for bringing joy to dull décor. You can create it yourself or buy one online. We recommend using dried flowers such as Mimosa, Eucalyptus, Dried Wild Oats, Bunny Tails, Dried Delphinium, and Helichrysum if you choose to create a DIY wreath. These blooms complement one other and can be used in a variety of settings.


dried flower wreath

Repurpose Light Bulbs- How many event organizers are required to repurpose a lightbulb? Only one. Placing miniature dried flowers such as Gypsophila or Ixodia in lightbulbs can result in a geometrically appealing, yet elegant arrangement. If money is an issue, this centerpiece is also a good option.


dried baby's breath