Ideas to Repurpose Wedding Flowers

Ideas to Repurpose Wedding Flowers: 8 Genius Ways You've Never Thought Of!

The season of love has come and gone, leaving behind beautiful memories and, of course, your stunning wedding flowers. For many, the thought of parting with their cherished bridal bouquet is heartbreaking. Luckily, there's a way to keep the magic alive. By saving a wedding bouquet and transforming it into everlasting decor, you can cherish those special moments forever.  

Instead of letting them wilt away, save your wedding bouquet by preserving it. Preserved and dried flowers allow you to keep a piece of your wedding day with you for years to come. Let's explore what to do with wedding flowers after the big day and how to turn them into memorable keepsakes. 

Transform Your Wedding Flowers Into Home Decor

Once you've mastered the art of preserving a bridal bouquet, you can repurpose those dried wedding flowers into stunning home décor pieces. Here are some creative ideas for what to do with your bouquet after the wedding:

1. Dried Flower Wreaths

Crafting elegant wreaths with your dried flowers and is the perfect way to keep the memory of your wedding alive. These dried wreaths can be used to decorate doors or walls and showcase the beauty of your wedding flowers long after the big day. Each wreath adds a touch of charm and nostalgia to your home, making it a beautiful reminder of your special day.

Festive Dried Wreath



 2. Coffee Table Centrepieces 

Upcycling your dry wedding flowers and foliage pieces like dried pampas into unique dinner or coffee table centrepieces adds a sophisticated wonder to any room. Arrange the dried wedding flowers in vases or decorative bowls to create stunning dried flower displays. These centrepieces highlight the beauty of your wedding flowers and serve as a daily reminder of your special day. They provide a lovely aesthetic to your dining or living areas.

Dried Flowers Table arrangement

Create Sentimental Keepsakes  From Your Wedding Flowers

Turning your wedding flowers into sentimental keepsakes is a beautiful way to remember your special day. Here are a few ideas for repurposing those cherished blooms:

3. Framed Flower Art 

Pressing and framing individual flowers can create lasting, smart floral art. This method of bouquet drying turns your dried wedding flowers into unique home and event décor. Each framed wedding bouquet flower serves as a personal and artistic reminder of the joy and beauty of your wedding day. Your floral art would preserve those moments forever in a stylish and meaningful way.

Dried Flowers in Frame


4.  Floral Resin Jewellery 

Embedding flowers in resin allows you to make one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that you can cherish forever. This approach converts your wedding flowers into elegant accessories and gives you a wearable wedding flower keepsake. Incorporating resin bouquet preservation techniques, each piece of jewellery captures the essence of your special day. It blends beauty with emotional value and offers a special way to carry your memories with you.

Floral resin jewellery


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Beautify Your Office/Studio Space with Wedding Floral Decor 

Repurposing your dried wedding flowers into studio or office decor can emboss the spirit of love into your workspace and serve as a memento of your happy day. Here are some ideas for what to do after carefully preserving a bridal bouquet:

Festive Dried Wreath



 5.  Dried Flower Shadow Boxes

Design gorgeous shadow boxes filled with preserved & dried flowers from your preserved wedding bouquet. Gorgeous shadow boxes, filled with statement making foliage pieces like dried palms, can be displayed on shelves or desks to introduce a three-dimensional aspect to your decor. Arrange your vintage wedding flower bouquet and other wedding flowers creatively within the shadow box to create a stunning visual piece.These boxes of beauty, when placed on your desk, will bring forth happy memories on those long, trying workdays.  

Shadow boxes

6.  Repurposed Dried Flower Bouquets 

Give new life to your preserved wedding flowers by arranging them into fresh, new bouquets for your desk or studio space. These dried wedding flowers can be elegantly displayed in vases or jars if you need more natural beauty in your environment. The presence of these vibrant yet classic preserved wedding bouquet flowers can transform your workspace and make it more inviting and inspiring.

Dried Flowers in a Vase

Incorporate Your Wedding Flowers Into Future Events 

Your dried wedding flowers can continue to concoct magic by being incorporated into future events. Here are some creative ideas for saving a wedding bouquet and using it in new celebrations:

 7. Anniversary Celebrations 

Use your dried flowers to decorate for anniversary parties. Create new dried flower arrangements, for decorative floral wall hangings, floral terrariums, dried flower garlands and more, that complement your original vintage wedding flower bouquet to bring back memories of your special day. This is a wonderful way to keep the spirit of your wedding alive and celebrate your journey together.

Dried Flower arrangements

8.  Baby Showers, Christenings, and More  

Repurpose your dried wedding flowers for baby showers or christening ceremonies. Use them to create event-themed decor centrepieces, decorate gifts, or even design a floral backdrop. Incorporating your wedding flowers into these events adds a personal and nostalgic touch. It connects your most wonderful moments with future celebrations of life and love between you and your partner.

Wall Decor

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Your wedding flowers symbolise one of the most cherished memories of your life and preserving a bridal bouquet allows these memories to flourish long after the day has passed. By repurposing your dried wedding flowers into stunning home décor, personal keepsakes, and beautiful additions to your workspace, you can keep the essence of your special day alive.

Whether crafting shadow boxes, creating new dried flower bouquets, or using them in future celebrations like anniversaries and baby showers, your dried flowers can continue to tell your love story. Embrace these creative ideas to transform your vintage wedding flower bouquet into unforgettable treasures.

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