Top 5 Corporate Dried Flowers And Foliage That Can Help Boost Productivity

Top 5 Corporate Dried Flowers And Foliage That Can Help Boost Productivity

Creating a productive work environment is about more than just furniture and efficient workflows. It's also about the aesthetics of your office space. Among the latest decor ideas, the use of dried flowers to beautify office decor is the newest, hottest trend.

Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers offer a unique combination of beauty and practicality that can contribute to a more inviting and productive workplace. Dried Flowers are long-lasting, low-maintenance, and can be arranged in a variety of ways to suit different corporate styles.

Even though a carefully placed corporate artificial flowers display might do the job, we believe that nothing can replace the natural beauty of stunning dried or preserved flowers. Along with being a no-hassle alternative, the dried flowers decor is also a durable, cost-effective choice for flower displays in the corporate environment  

In this blog, we will introduce you to the top 5 corporate flowers that will boost productivity and channel a welcoming aura in your workplace. Office flowers comprised of dried natural flowers can transform your workspace into a more inviting and inspiring place.

Whether you're looking for online flowers or want to explore options from a dried flower wholesaler UK, we've got you covered.

5 Most Loved Corporate Dried Flowers & Grass For Office Flower Displays

1. Dried Pampas Grass  

Trendy yet ageless, Dried Pampas Grass is the perfect addition to any list of must-have corporate flowers and foliage. Its elegance and sophistication radiate in any office decor. The tall, fluffy plumes are perfect as bold display flowers in larger spaces like lobbies or conference rooms.

Dried Pampas Grass lasts long and needs minimal care which makes it perfect for busy workplaces in need of flower displays. It's also a great choice for reception flowers because of its welcoming vibe. You can mix it with other dried flowers for unique corporate flower arrangements or even make your own dried wreath out of it.

Dried Pampas Grass


  • Product Name: Dried Pampas Grass

  • Variations: 2 (Dried & Preserved)
  • Colours available: 10+

2. Dried Lavender 

If you're looking for office flower decoration ideas, Dried Lavender is a definite top pick. Soothing and Serene, it's a fantastic choice for office flowers. Lavender flowers helps reduce stress and anxiety and makes it easier for you or your team to focus on your work tasks. Plus both dried and preserved lavender look beautiful wherever they're placed.

To create gorgeous summer dry flower decorations, you can place dried lavender in small vases on desks or in communal areas. It’s a classic option for corporate flower arrangements. For corporate events, you can source it easily from any online florist or dried flower wholesaler in the UK.
Dried Lavender


  • Product Name: Dried Lavender
  • Variations: 2 (Dried & Preserved)¬†
  • Colours available: Blue

3. Preserved Eucalyptus 

Preserved or Dried Eucalyptus is another great choice for corporate flowers. Gentle and relaxing, it's perfect for improving air quality and adding a fresh look to your office. Eucalyptus leaves are stylish, simple, and fit well within modern office decor.

They are great for dried flower arrangements and can be paired with other dried flowers. Our top recommendations for these pairings include display flowers like preserved or Dried Hydrangeas and Dried Chinese Lanterns. Use Dried Eucalyptus in vases or as part of a dried flower bouquet to further elevate your floral displays.

Preserved Eucalyptus



  • Product Name: Preserved Eucalyptus
  • Variations: 2 (Dried & Preserved)
  • Varieties available: Populus, Nicoli, Parvifolia, Cinerea, Stuartiana
  • Colours available: Bleached, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange¬†¬†

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 4. Dried Gypsophila 

Dried Gypsophila, popularly known as Baby's Breath is one of the most renowned dried flowers for vases when it comes to corporate flower arrangements. These small dried flowers add a light and airy feel to any space. They are perfect for creating a cheerful atmosphere in the office.

Baby's Breath Gypsophila is also very versatile in its use as an office flower decoration idea. You can use it in dried floral arrangements to create multi-coloured Dried Gypsophila bouquets or mix it with other dried natural flowers and foliage pieces like Dried Palms.

Dried Gypsophila



  • Product Name: Dried Gypsophila
  • Variations: 2 (Dried & Preserved)
  • Colours available: 10+

 5. Dried Helichrysum

Dried Helichrysum, often called the "everlasting flower," is a fantastic option for dried flowers decor. These never-dying flowers keep their bright colours and shape for a long time. They are perfect for floral displays that need to look fresh all year round.

Dried Helichrysum flowers work very well as corporate event flowers. The vibrant hues of these business flowers add a pop of colour to any office and spark appreciation among employees and visitors alike. They can be used in dried flower bouquets or in deluxe corporate flowers arrangements.

Dried Helichrysum



  • Product Name: Dried Helichrysum¬†
  • Variations: 1 (Dried)
  • Colours available: Violet, Orange, Cream, Yellow, Pink

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Introducing the magic of dried flowers into your office will boost productivity and brighten up the workspace. From the calming effects of dried lavender to the striking presence of dried pampas grass, these corporate flowers are both beautiful and practical.

Dried flowers & foliage, as office flowers, require minimal upkeep which makes them ideal for busy environments. They also last much longer than fresh flowers and provide a sensory experience that an artificial flowers display just can't replicate.

Whether you're looking for office flower decoration ideas or seeking to create stunning corporate flower arrangements, dried flowers are a fantastic choice. However, it's crucial to select the right wholesaler for your wholesale dried flowers purchase.

Check out high-quality dried flowers and preserved foliage offered by Dried Flowers & Decor and transform your office into an inviting, calming haven of focused productivity. Order your office flowers today!

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