dried flowers for wedding

Dried Flowers for Weddings: A Less Expensive Alternative to Fresh Flowers

The typical cost of dried wedding flowers in the UK can come anywhere from £800-£1,500. For many couples, this is the norm. But for others, it might be out of reach. If you're looking for ways to cut costs, one area you can look for is fresh flower alternatives.

There are a bunch of choices such as Sola wood flowers, artificial flowers, etc but what is a wedding without real flowers in it? Want to know the better substitute? Read on to find out…

dried flowers for wedding


Worried About the Wedding Arrangement Budget?

When you have a limited budget, you must eliminate items that aren't a priority for you. You, like many frugal couples, may end up deciding that you don't want to spend a lot of cash on wedding flower arrangements.

After all, while they may be lovely for the moment, they will eventually wither and die.

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There is an additional cost of preservation if you desire your flower bouquet to last further than the big day. What if you could purchase a bunch of flowers that were preserved, contains 100% real flowers, and is long-lasting? Lucky for you because this totally exists!

Dried Flowers are a Low-Cost Substitute for Fresh Flowers

Dried Flower Bouquets & Dried Flower Arrangements are essentially made of Dried Flowers, Pampas Grass, Dried Palm leaves, etc all of which are reusable and long-lasting.

They are also durable and go well with a picturesque theme. You'll also save money on having them preserved. They will last forever if kept out of the sun and properly cared for.


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Wedding Planners, Flower Decorators, & Event Planners, in general, all swear by Dried Wedding Flowers. They can be used to create dried flowers for wedding centerpieces for table decoration, Flower Arches, Dried Flower Bouquets, Natural Confetti, Decor for wedding cakes and cake stand, Bridal bouquets, and so on. 

There are so numerous advantages of dried flowers that it's difficult to know where to begin. For starters, Preserved Flowers do not die! So there is no squandered cash or time here! You can also keep them as a memento from one's wedding day. 

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Second, they are no more delicate than fresh flowers. Most people now believe that dried natural flowers are fragile, crunchy, and extremely delicate. That is not entirely correct.

Dried Flower Florists and Flower Wedding Decorators often reuse the blooms in their creations. Dried Blooms are not fragile but not indestructible either. The key to this is handling them with care. 

Dried Nigella Orientalis


Lastly dried and preserved flowers have vibrant colors that are not brown. Some flowers are dried, while others are naturally dried, but they all retain their color. Check out Dried Flowers & Decor and be ready to get your mind blown away by the sheer variety of colors and Dried Flowers you’ll find!

Save Money on Weddings Arrangements With Dried Flowers Over Fresh Flowers

Dried wedding flowers are a fantastic option that solves the many issues that come with fresh and silk flowers. Dried Flowers and Décor is an online wholesale dried flower supplier in the UK.

You can find here everything ranging from Dried Flowers, Dried Palms, Dried Pampas, Dried Wreaths, Luxury Dried Flower Bouquets, Statement Décor items, and much more. 

We believe in delivering high-quality Dried Beauties but not at hefty prices. Our Wholesale Dried Flowers will help you to achieve the Dry Flower Decoration of your dreams while savings handsomely on your budget. 

If you are a Flower Decorator, Event Planner, flower reseller, or wedding planner looking for affordable dried flowers online; we look forward to working with you at the most competitive prices. Feel free to contact our team for Business to Business inquiries.


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