4 Dried Flowers & Pampas Décor Ideas to Make this Christmas Extra Special!

4 Dried Flowers & Pampas Décor Ideas to Make this Christmas Extra Special!

What better way to welcome the Christmas season than decorate the house with Dried Flowers and Dried Pampas Grass? The timeless elegance and the refined touch of Dried Flowers can seamlessly transform your space into a winter wonderland.

But you must be thinking about how to display Dried Flowers for Christmas. Well, here are some amazing Christmas Dried Flower Decorating Ideas we have curated to get you kickstarted on your Christmas Décor!

DIY Christmas Décor Ideas

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Door Wreath is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about Christmas Decor. They have a natural elegance that can effortlessly uplift the aura of any space with vigor and happiness. 

Christmas Wreath


But you must be wondering how to make a Christmas wreath with Dried Flowers. Well, it’s super easy! All you need to do is collect the Chrismas Dried Flowers of your choice, some good quality twine or wire, and Preserved Foliage to complete the look. 

Some popular Dried Christmas Flowers are 

  • Dried Thistles
  •  Dried Phalaris
  • Dried Oats Avena
  •  Dried Bunny Tails
  •  Baby’s Breath 
  • Spray Roses
  • Broom Broom
  • Nigella
  • Scabiosa
  • Poppy Heads

As for Foliage used in DIY Christmas Wreaths, 

  • Preserved Ruscus
  • Preserved Eucalyptus
  • Dried Amaranthus
  • Preserved Helecho
  • Umbrella Fern
  • Jazilda

Start by wrapping the wire around the larger Dried Flowers while placing Foilage in between to cover the wire. Then add the smaller Dried Flowers in between the larger ones to fill the empty spaces. Continue this process until you are satisfied with your masterpiece.

In the last few years, Pampas Wreaths for Christmas have taken the internet by storm. Dried Pampas Decor is super chic, eye-catching, and value for money as well.

You also can create your own Christmas Pampas Wreath with the steps mentioned above. Just make sure to use good quality Dried Pampas stems to achieve the best results.

dried flower wreath

Dried Flower Christmas Ornaments 

People are now moving towards more sustainable Christmas Decor by adding Dried Flower Arrangements to their Christmas trees instead of the regular Christmas ornaments commonly available in the market. 

Dried Flower Christmas Tree not only looks unique but also guarantees to woo your family members and guests this festive season. 


dried flowers for christmas


For this Christmas DIY, you can start by choosing a theme. For instance, you can go for red and white dried flowers or add a pop of colour with multicoloured flowers.

The other things you’ll need are clear baubles (you can easily get them from any local craft store or Etsy), brown string or ribbon, tweezers and scissors. 

Strat placing the dried flowers and preserved foliage inside the baubles with the help of tweezers. You can also add in some fairy dust for the Christmas magic. 

Once satisfied, close the bauble and tie it to the Christmas tree with the string. For a more layered effect, you can tie the baubles with varying sized strings from bottom to the top of the tree.

DIY Dried Flower Christmas Bouquets

The classic yet perfect DIY you need to do this festive season. But unlike the traditional ones, we will make create a dried flower arrangement with a mix of Dried Flowers, Palm Leaves and Pampas. 

Start by sorting the Dried Flowers, Dried Palms & Pampas Grass into bunches of your liking. Since the Palm leaves have a large surface area, you can keep them as a base. 

dried christmas bouquet

Now add the pampas, blooms and foliage as you go. Keep the tallest stem in the bottom and take smaller dried blooms as you go. Then tie the bunches with a twig to create a mini Dried Flower Boquet.  

Now go ahead and place the Dried Flower Arrangements around your tree to create a beautiful, colorful & lively Christmas Tree Decor!

DIY Christmas Candle

Candles are the perfect way touch to complete the festive decor. Any space can benefit from the natural beauty of dried flowers, and they can also be utilised to decorate candles. The procedures for creating DIY Dried Flower Candles is as follows.

By now you know the drill. Start by choosing the dried flowers and foliage you want to use in the candles. Any kind of flower will do, however it's preferable to pick flowers that are resilient and can hold their texture. 

Spray roses, dried baby's breath, lavender, dried broom broom, and other options are suitable for this DIY.


dried broom broom


Remove any unnecessary leaves or petals before cutting the flowers into little pieces. Include a few pieces in your container or jar. Pour melted wax into a jar or other tin container after melting it in a stovetop pot.

Next, carefully arrange the final flowers on top. Make sure to place them in the wax, but take care to avoid burning your fingers. 

One the candle has cooled down, tie a red ribbon around it complete the look. 

About Dried Flowers & Décor

From delphiniums to Dried Bunny Tails, Lavender, Dried lagurus grass to rhodanthe, and a variety of colourful and unusual flowers in between, we have a large range of bulk dried flower bunches.

Not only this we also offer a large variety Dried Pampas, Palm leaves, decor items are more to get you kick started for all types of DIYs and crafts. 

Take a look at our Dried Flower Arrangements instead if you adore dried flowers but would rather have something fashioned by hand specifically for you.


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