Dried, Preserved, Fresh or Artificial Flowers: What Should You Choose? 

Dried, Preserved, Fresh or Artificial Flowers: What Should You Choose? 

A famous quote about decoration by Deborah Needleman “The simple secret is making sure that every decorating decision contributes to the creation of beauty and comfort. Beauty to uplift our senses (to transcend the mundane) and comfort to make us feel taken care of (to embrace us in the mundane.)" 

The point of decorating, as far as We can tell, is to create the background for the best life you can have. Flower Decoration can be life-enhancing be it for personal space or events or for other things. 

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Flowers are the best way to decorate your home as they bring botanical and refreshing vibes to the atmosphere. Whether it’s to decorate your home interior, office space, or a special event, it’s difficult to decide which kind of flowers you should choose.

With such a wide variety available, Dried Flowers & Décor have helped differentiate between fresh, dried, artificial, and preserved flowers so you can make the right choice.

Fresh Flowers

Because of their incredible beauty and adaptability, fresh flowers are typically the first choice for any type of decorating. The wide variety of cut flowers available allows you to completely express yourself in a floral arrangement.

Their natural aroma and purifying nature are among some of the major advantages of using natural flowers, however, they have their downsides too.

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They require regular maintenance in order for them to last as long as possible, but generally, they do not survive longer than a couple of weeks.

Hence if you are a wedding planner or event decorator looking to reuse your blooms, fresh flowers might not do the trick for you.  

Dried Flowers

There’s something special about dried flowers. Their rustic aura is enough to transform the very vibe of a place. While the fresh ones wilt away with time, dried flowers are a testament to the beauty afterlife. The everlasting effect that these can have on the aesthetic of your decoration is beyond imagination.

Dried Flowers are primarily fresh flowers that are dried naturally and organically to improve their shelf life. Flowers retain their look, color, and often their aroma as they dry out.

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Born out of sheer hard work, efforts, and passion for flowers and their life beyond materialistic existence, dried flowers are a product of genuine love for nature.

These gorgeous and low-maintenance flowers are worth all the money and could be just what you’re looking for in your decorations and also an alternative for fresh flowers for Weddings as they are less expensive. And when it comes to creating breath-taking Dried Flower arrangements, sky's the limit!

Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers, commonly referred to as silk flowers, require no maintenance and are assured to last a lifetime. All you have to do is clean and dust them on a regular basis, just like you would with any other décor item in your home.

They will not produce any allergies or home any pests or insects and they are a cheaper alternative to other flowers. However, their appearance and texture are completely different from natural flowers.

artificial flowers


They can be used for crafts and DIYs. However since their quality feels cheap, they are ideally not recommended for decorative purposes.

Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers combine the benefits of fresh flowers with minimum care and an extended life span. We use a biodegradable preservation mixture to keep every flower's natural color and texture without the need for frequent upkeep.

The preservation process not only enhances the texture and color of the flowers, but also grants them a sturdiness which is missing from their previously fresh counterparts. 

Even though preserved flowers may be more expensive than the alternatives above, they can survive up to a year or more, making them a wise investment. The options are essentially limitless when using preserved flowers.

preserved amaranthus


They are adaptable to any type of decor as they are available in vibrant colors. These flowers are highly preferred for event and wedding decor, as their beauty is maintained for a longer duration.

Another advantage of preserved flowers is that they are 100% natural-looking and can not be easily distinguished from fresh flowers.

This is why wedding planners & event managers often love to incorporate our Wholesale Preserved Flowers in their floral arrangements. 

Take Away

All in all, we believe that Dried Flowers and Preserved flowers are the best choices. For some time now, a new trend has been spotted all over the internet: the use of dried flowers in decoration. T

hat's right Dried flowers instantly bring a touch of romantic and country charm to the rooms where we place them. In addition to being easy to care for, they are environmentally friendly and come in different compositions to vary the pleasures. 

The natural beauty of flowers can last a lot longer than fresh flowers, as well as the quality and delicate nature which is not provided with artificial flowers. Dried flowers are superior, so have a browse through our online Dried Flower store today and take your pick in bulk volumes.

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