What are preserved flowers

What are preserved flowers? Everything to know about them

Flowers are something that everyone enjoys. They just bring colors, happiness, and more life into our offices and homes. However, with flowers, there is just one issue. After a week or so, you will have to throw them out and buy new ones. That's a pity for both their attractiveness and your bank account. There is another option. You might have guessed from the title that we're talking about 'preserved' flowers.


Rice flowers

What are Preserved Flowers?

In order to understand what preserved flowers mean, we need to first go through what ‘preserved’ means. From healthy flowers & foliage plantations, some of the best blooms are chosen and pruned to perfection. 

red eucalyptus

Then they are taken inside a hot room. Our expert florist put them through a preservation process involving color pigments and Glycerine. Because of the hot temperature, the water content in the flowers evaporates and gets replaced by the chemicals used in the preservation process thus giving our flowers that signature youthful look.   


How to Display Preserved Flowers?

There are endless preserved flowers arrangements that you can try. Some of our personal favorites are: 

  •  DIY Preserved Flowers Bouquet
  • Dried Flower Photo Frame
  • Glass Terrarium 
  • Epoxy Resin Tray with Preserved flower bunches
  • Flower Arrangement in a Vase
  • Preserved Flower Wreath 


white lavender


How to Care for Flowers that have Preserved?

To ensure that your beloved blooms retain their beauty and shelf life , here are some tips. Although Dried Flowers differ from Preserved Flowers in the matter of their drying process, the nature of both products is however similar. Hence you can use these guidelines to keep your florals looking natural and fresh:

  • Keep them away from direct sunlight or any bright spot that might cause the flowers to fade.
  • Don’t spray water or perfume on them. Despite the flowers looking alive, they are not and hence can be damaged in the process.
  • Keep the dried blooms away from humid areas and vents. 
  • Don’t apply pressure on the flowers as they are delicate. 
  • Avoid touching them too often, as your hand’s natural oils may harm them.
preserved gypsophila

What are the Benefits of Dried or Preserved Flowers?

People often ask how long do dried flowers last. Well, the preserved & dried flowers are essentially frozen in time. Hence they can last anywhere from a 1 year to 3 years depending on humidity levels and weather changes. This way Preserved Flowers are a great option to save money as they are long-lasting and reusable.

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Another advantage of preserved flowers is that they are 100% natural-looking and can not be easily distinguished from fresh flowers. This is why wedding planners & event managers often love to incorporate our Wholesale Preserved Flowers in their floral arrangements. 


With preserved flowers, the options are nearly unlimited. They can be used in any room of the house. There is almost no difference in their appearance from living flowers and you'll be able to enjoy your preserved flower bouquet for years to come. We're looking forward to assisting you with your dried flower arrangements & DIY projects with preserved flowers. Make sure to check out our other offers such as Dried Palms, Pampas, Décor items & more that will surely complement your choice of preserved blooms.