4 Dried Eucalyptus Decorating Ideas for Greener Indoors

4 Dried Eucalyptus Decorating Ideas for Greener Indoors

Something about incorporating foliage into your home really adds to its coziness and sense of completion. It is a crucial element of the design strategy.

Fresh greenery is the best way to cheer up your house in the winter, but it's a bummer when those lush leaves eventually lose their vibrancy.  

Eucalyptus is one of our favorite types of foliage to use in flower arrangements, but don't worry, you can use preserved Eucalyptus it so that it can adorn your house for months or even years.

Hence here are 4 Easy Eucalyptus Décor Ideas 

Dried Eucalyptus On Fireplace Mantle

Eucalyptus bunches also look great arranged on top of a fireplace mantel. The plus point of using dried eucalyptus bunch as décor requires little upkeep. The stems and leaves look wonderfully and give your home a delightful holiday update.

Eucalyptus garland is a wonderful additional method for using the plant as décor. Use a simple  string to decorate the front of the fireplace mantel in the dining room.

Preserved Eucalyptus Parvifoglia-

 Eucalyptus garland can also be used in the home by hanging it from doorframes or draping it over tables.

Dried Eucalyptus in Vase

Eucalyptus has curved, green leaves and stems that are both aesthetically attractive and pleasing to eyes. Cut eucalyptus branches display beautifully in glass jars. 

 Or pick up a sizable vase and fill it with a few eucalyptus stems. After that, set the vase, several bowls, and a tea towel on a gorgeous wood tray. The eucalyptus is the star of the show in this understated centrepiece and makes a huge impression.

Preserved Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus preserved in vases look great in the bathroom, on bookcases, bedside tables, and in the kitchen.

DIY Dried Wreath

To add a sense of do-it-yourself simplicity to wall hangings and handcrafted wreaths throughout the house, add strands of eucalyptus. 

Preserved Eucalyptus

Dried eucalyptus stems and fishing line can be tied to sticks or driftwood to create a straightforward, inexpensive wall hanging. For a simpler design, weave branches, twigs, and ribbon into wreath moulds. 

Dried eucalyptus wreaths can be used for main entranace door, nursery, kitchen, drawing room, etc.


Preserved Eucalyptus Leaves in Closet 

Believe it or not, your closet is an actual room and space in your home that deserves a touch of decor.

The final place you can consider adding eucalyptus is in your closet. While a closet is typically small and tiny, eucalyptus is the perfect plant to add and make the closet a bit more cozy and enjoyable. 

Preserved Eucalyptus Nicoly

Simply tie a branch or two of eucalyptus and hang it off of some hangers or a hook. It will add a nice touch and bring a wonderful scent into this small space.

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