Where to Buy Bulk Dried Flowers Online for Your Wedding?

Where to Buy Bulk Dried Flowers Online for Your Wedding?

If you are someone who has been looking to save money on your wedding, you must have considered doing things by yourself. Wedding Dress, Wedding Cake, décor planning, etc. One of the best things that you can do to save a huge chunk of your wedding budget is buying wholesale dried flowers online. The Dried Flowers can come in handy for dried flower arrangements, wedding centerpieces, dried flower bouquets, and much more.

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Why are Dried Flowers a good choice for weddings? 

Dried Flowers always look great no matter what. But here are a few reasons that will convince you to buy Dried Flowers for your wedding right away!

  • Affordable - Fresh Flowers decorations can cost can start anywhere from £ 2500 to £ 5500 depending on how grand you want the celebration to be. But with Dried Flowers, the average cost will significantly come down depending on the scope of the Dried Flower Arrangements.
  •  Long-lasting - Fresh flowers can live a maximum of up to 10 days that too not without inviting a bunch of mosquitoes and flies. But Dried Flowers can withhold their texture and beauty for a long time sometimes even more than 2-3 years! 
  • Reusable -  Since the Dried Flowers are meant to live for longer life, you can reuse them as much as you want too. Be it a Dry Flower Arrangement, Dried Bouquet, or a Dried Wreath, you can get creative with these preserved beauties. 
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A pro tip, you can easily use Dried Flowers like Dried Roses, Dried Mimosa, Dried Delphiniums, Poppy heads, Dried Oats Bunch, Dried Eucalyptus, Dried Statice, and Dried Bunny Tails in your daytime wedding and then transport them to your evening reception. Mix and match the flowers and Voila! A new Dried Flower Décor is ready.

  • Available All Year Around - Some people plan their weddings according to the seasonal flower availability. But Dried Flowers are available all year round and that too in a plethora of variety to choose from. Be it Dried Helichrysum, Dried Oat Avena,  or Dried Peonies for that matter, you can find them at Dried Flowers and Décor at wholesale prices all around the year. 
  • Varied Color Pallet - Whatever theme you choose for your wedding, Dried Flowers have an unmatched color pallet that will leave you in awe.  From bright colors like Reds, Yellows, Fuschia to subtle tones like Browns, Ivory and White, you can find it all here! 

But of course, the question lies here is where to buy Bulk Dried Flowers that are long-lasting as well as affordable. 

bulk dried flowers for wedding

Where to Buy Bulk Dried Flowers for Wedding? 

Dried Flowers and Décor is an online wholesale dried flowers supplier in the UK. You can find here everything ranging from Dried Flowers, Dried Palms, Dried Pampas, Dried Wreaths, Luxury Dried Flower Bouquets, Statement Décor items, and much more. 

We believe in delivering high-quality Dried Beauties but not at hefty prices. Our Wholesale Dried Flowers will help you to achieve the Dry Flower Decoration of your dreams while savings handsomely on your budget. 

If you are a Flower Decorator, Event Planner, flower reseller, or wedding planner looking for affordable dried flowers online; we look forward to working with you at the most competitive prices. Feel free to contact our team for Business to Business inquiries.

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