Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her (Unique & Better than a Box of Chocolates)

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her (Unique & Better than a Box of Chocolates)


It's that time of year when everyone starts looking for the best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for girlfriends, wives, or special someone’s. But some of us often have a tendency to forget important dates and days that celebrate our love for our special someone.

But let’s not repeat it this year, shall we? So lean into your romantic side with these cute and non-cheesy valentine’s gift ideas that are amazing for other festive occasions too. 

So get ready because they are gonna love your gift!


Yes, yes we know how cliché flowers for Valentine’s Day sound but hear us out on this one. It’s the day of love and your girlfriend will definitely expect a cute valentine’s gift from you.

But they also know that like every year, you will opt for a bunch of fresh flowers. But this year, you can surprise her with a bunch of alluring Dried Flowers or Preserved Flowers

Dried and Preserved Flowers can last longer than a year, require no maintenance, and curate the best home décor hands down. So give your special someone the reason to appreciate your gift the entire year with some beautiful dried blooms.

Some popular Valentine’s Dried Flowers are Dried Spray roses, Dried Peony, Dried Acroclinium, Statice, Preserved Hydrangea, etc. 

dried spray roses
dried flowers uk


Some people prefer to have solo flower bunches while others may appreciate a bouquet made out of multiple varieties. You can obviously make a DIY bouquet, but let’s be real. Not many guys are up for this task.

Instead to make your Valentine’s gift extra special for your partner, opt for a ready-made Dried Flower Bouquet. Such Dried Bouquets come in a ton of colors, shapes, and varieties. Choose whichever Valentine’s Bouquet she may like the best. 

dried flower bouquet
dried flowers bulk UK


Valentine's is a predestined time of the year to give gifts to your partners. Those who have been dating or married for a long can easily predict their partner’s gift idea. So you level up your game this year, we offer you an extra special category of Luxury Dried Flower Bouquets to blow away your girlfriend's mind.  

With these breathtaking Valentine’s Bouquets, you can definitely save yourself some mental gymnastics and a fortune whilst shining bright in your partner's eyes. 

Dried  bouquets UK
dried flower bouquets in UK


Backed by the fame of Instagram and Pinterest, door wreaths are now more popular than ever. Every girl loves to have a door wreath no matter what. They are chic, classy, and effortlessly beautiful. What’s better is that nowadays, 100% Real & Eco-friendly Dried Wreaths are available in the market that can stay beautiful for years to come.

In our humble opinion, Dried Wreaths have such amazing qualities which make it is one of the best valentine’s gifts for her in 2022. 

dried door wreaths
dried wreath


No, we are not talking about those cheesy valentine’s day gifts such as heart-shaped pillows or decorated photo frames. But instead some meaningful décor items such as Vintage Candle Lanterns, Exotic Peacock Feathers, or the most Instagram-worthy of all - Macramé Art Pieces.

Girls love decorating their space with smart antiques and modern décor pieces. So why not give her something beautiful and meaningful to remember you by!

plant hanger

You can check out more such amazing gifts for Valentine's Day on our website Dried Flowers & Decor.

We offer an exquisite range of Valentine’s Flowers that you can easily get delivered to your doorstep. We also offer a wide range of Dried Pampas Grass, Dried Palms Leaves, Door Wreaths, and Décor items that will leave your partner wanting for more.

The best part, every aforementioned item is available at wholesale prices in the UK. In a nutshell, our online store is a one-stop destination for all your gifting needs this Valentine’s Day (or any other day)! 

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