Halloween Decoration: Decorate Your House with Beautiful Dried Flowers

Halloween Decoration: Decorate Your House with Beautiful Dried Flowers

It’s that time of the year when spooky jack-o’lanterns rule the porches and the witchy aesthetic becomes cool again. Have you planned out your Halloween decor already? Halloween flowers are the perfect creative outlet to make your Halloween decorations stand out.  

While traditional Halloween decor often involves pumpkins, ghosts, and cobwebs, why not try something unique this year? Dried Spooky flowers can add a touch of witchy elegance and an eerie charm to your Halloween decorations.

In this blog, we'll explore how you can use beautiful Halloween dried flowers to transform your house into a hauntingly enchanting Halloween haven. 

Top 8 Mystical Dried Flowers for Halloween 

While the common consensus dictates using black roses for Halloween decor, we do not confine ourselves to the norms here at Dried Flowers and Decor. Our Spooknificient decor consists of unique burnt orange dried flower bouquets, Halloween Pampas Grass stems, black twig wreaths, and Dried Palms for one-of-a-kind Halloween Floral Displays. 

Our expert florists recommend these flowers for the perfect bewitching decor: 

  • Dried Spray Roses for Halloween

Halloween Roses


  • Natural Dried Physalis



  • Preserved¬†Celosia Bunch¬†




  • Dried Black Triticum¬†




  • Preserved Purple Hydrangeas





  • Dried Xeranthemum




  • Dried Statice Purple Flowers¬†




  • Dried Orange Weeping Bamboo

orange Dried Flowers



To get the most out of our diverse range of preserved and dried flowers, pair them with our favourite picks of foliage like Dried Orange Pampas Grass, Preserved Eucalyptus, Dried Black Bunny Tails, and Dried Orange Chamaerops Palm for a dazzling Halloween decor.

5 Ways to Incorporate Dried Flowers into Halloween Home Decor

Witchy Halloween Flower Bouquets 

Introduce an innovative twist to your regular flower bouquets by using Halloween dried flowers. Enchantingly gorgeous, dried flowers make spectacular ghastly flower bouquets and even Halloween bridal bouquets. 

Dark-hued blooms like black roses, deep red Halloween sunflowers, and lavender can be combined to create a captivating bouquet that's both elegant and haunting.




Nestled in antique vases or hollowed-out pumpkins, these Halloween floral arrangements make for stunning centrepieces and decorative gifts, adding a touch of sophistication to your Halloween gatherings. Alternatively, use the Halloween florals to instil magic in your wedding by crafting your own Halloween wedding bouquet. 



Wicked Halloween Door Wreaths

One of the easiest ways to incorporate dried flowers into your Halloween decor is by making a Halloween wreath from dried flowers and preserved foliage. Scary Halloween Wreaths are an essential for any Halloween Home Decor. 




To make a homemade Halloween wreath, start with a simple grapevine wreath as your base. Then, attach your dried flowers using floral wire or hot glue. Voila! You just crafted your very own DIY Halloween Wreath. Add elements like black feathers, small pumpkins, or miniature skeletons to make your wreath even more wickedly festive. 

Hang it on your front door or make it a part of your Halloween porch decor to get the most out of your horror wreaths.

Macabre Halloween Garlands 

Elevate the eerieness of your home decor by creating dazzling Halloween garlands. Create your garland by stringing together dried Halloween flowers, leaves, and some faux spiderwebs for that spooky touch. 




These spooky dried flower garlands can be draped across mantels, staircases, or even around door frames. The simplistic allure of this piece of Halloween decoration is the perfect recipe for fantastical glamour.   

Mysterious Centrepieces 

Dried flower centrepieces can be a stunning addition to your Halloween home decor. Create eye-catching Halloween floral displays by recognizing the true potential of your dried Halloween flowers. 

Halloweem Table Decorations


Fill a rustic vase or an antique-looking pumpkin with dried Halloween-themed flowers and sprigs of dried herbs. Add some LED candles for an eerie glow in your Halloween flower arrangements, and you'll have a bewitching centrepiece that sets the mood for your Halloween feast. 

Spellbound Wall Hangings

Ready to go beyond the ordinary? Craft your own wall hangings to glam up your Halloween decor. Use readymade frames or create your own ghost-shaped frames from wire or cardboard. Attach your spooky flowers to the frame using hot glue or floral wire. There you go! You just made your dream transcendent wall hanging. 



Hang the finished creations on your walls or doors for an ethereal, bewitching display of your Halloween flowers.


Can you picture Halloween taking on a whole new vibe as your house is bedecked with stunning dried flowers?  Dried Halloween flowers are the ideal gateway to adding a touch of class to your spooky shindig. 

From charming Halloween door wreaths to mesmerizing centrepieces to bewitching spooky bouquets in rustic pumpkins, these dried flower creations are sure to make your Halloween memorable and magnificent. So, let your imagination run wild and concoct the potion of haunting beauty this Halloween with our dried flowers.

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