Dried Flowers and Preserved Flowers: Here's The Difference Between Them

Dried Flowers and Preserved Flowers: Here's The Difference Between Them

When most people think of flowers, they think of the fresh, colorful blooms that can be found in florists or grocery stores. However, there are two other types of flowers: dried flowers and preserved flowers.

Dried flowers are flowers that have been dried and then used in arrangements or displays. Preserved flowers are flowers that have been treated with a preserving agent, such as glycerin, to keep them from wilting.

Although most florists will agree that nothing beats a fresh flower, dried and preserved items provide us access to a whole new world of designing options that are simply not possible with transient fresh flowers.

Here is a look at some of the key differences between these two types of flowers:

Difference Between Dried Flowers & Preserved Flowers

Although dried natural flowers and preserved flowers may resemble one another, they differ significantly in certain key ways. This is directly related to the preservation procedure. 

Dried flowers vs preserved flowers

There are several methods (such as pressing, burying them in sand, freeze-drying, microwaving, etc.) to give your flowers eternal life, but here we will be focusing on the 2 most common ones.

Preserved Flowers

The fundamental distinction between preservation and drying techniques is the adoption of more sophisticated methods to preserve the flowers. 

This is accomplished by immersing the flowers in a glycerine solution when they are at their peak of bloom. Your flower won't dry up if you use glycerin, maintaining its beautiful and dynamic shape. 

preserved flowers UK

This is so that the flower never dries out since glycerin takes the place of water in the blossom. The stem, leaves, and blossoms won't wrinkle and will maintain their suppleness. The flower will feel rubbery and bendable after adding glycerin.

The drawback of employing glycerin is that while it preserves the leaves' and blossoms' flexible structure, the color will eventually deteriorate. To maintain or intensify the color, food coloring and other dyes are frequently applied. 

Glycerin's lack of cost-effectiveness and the lengthy time it takes for the flowers to be fully set are both drawbacks. The fact that preserved flowers can be enjoyed for up to several years with no maintenance is, however, a big positive.


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Dried Flowers

There are numerous methods to make flowers long-lasting. The most common way to dry flowers is to hang them upside down in a dry, well-ventilated place. 

The flowers can be given various coloration and setting treatments once they are totally dry to help them reclaim some of their previous appearances, although this is not required.

dried flower arrangements

 Many flowers can be dried organically, and although they typically lose a significant amount of their original color, the result is still a stunning product with a rustic feel.

By removing all liquids from the flowers, the decomposing process has slowed down, but it hasn't stopped entirely. Additionally, dried flowers are highly brittle and will eventually shatter or lose their petals as well as more of their color as time goes on.


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Advantages of Using Dried & Preserved Blooms

A variety of dried flower arrangements can be created using preserved or dried flowers. They have a high economic worth because of their durability. The fact that online flowers are available all year round is a big benefit to working with them, in addition to the obvious convenience of not having to water your flowers. 

Every season of the year can benefit from the usage of dried and preserved flowers, which come in a wide variety of hues, forms, and sizes.

dried and preserved flower arrangement

These items are a major choice for event and wedding decor since, unlike fresh flowers, they can be set up in advance and maintain their beauty for the duration of the event. They are frequently used in dried flower decor for hotels, restaurants, and workplaces because of this.

Summing It Up

Despite the differences, you don't have to pick between the two. Dry Flowers go well beautifully with preserved flowers. Many designers mix them to produce designs that seem modern and economical at the same time.

The benefit of combining dried and preserved flowers in an arrangement is that you may replace individual flowers without having to replace the entire floral composition, which minimizes the cost of remodeling the arrangement.

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