Why We Give Flowers on International Women's Day + Top Flower Picks

Why We Give Flowers on International Women's Day + Top Flower Picks

Each year, on March 8th, people around the world come together to celebrate the women in their lives by observing International Women's Day. Apart from the festivities and supporting women-owned businesses, many people also follow the tradition of giving flowers and gifts on Women’s Day.

For the uninitiated, International Women’s Day is a global holiday sanctioned by the United Nations that aims to celebrate the contributions of women to society and to raise awareness to improve gender equality.

But have you ever wondered what are the origins of this thoughtful day?

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The history of International Women’s Day dates back more than 100 years ago when it was first observed across Europe and US. But it wasn’t until March 8th, 1946, when the feminists in Italy choose the Mimosa flower (Flowering Acacia) as the symbol of strength and sensitivity for women’s day. 

Gifting Women’s Day Flowers has become a norm across the world. On this day, men and women alike express their appreciation and support to the women in their lives. Co-workers, friends, family members, etc. come forward and gift beautiful Flower Bouquets to the strong women around them.  

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Are you too planning to participate in the ritual of gifting flowers on International Women’s Day 2022? We have something much more unique and long-lasting than Regular Fresh Flowers - Dried Flowers!

The ladies receiving the Dried Flower Bouquets will be able to enjoy them for more than a year. So here is a quick dried flower gifting guide to help you choose the best women's day flower.

Best International Women's Day Flowers

Dried Mimosa 

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Mimosa is a symbolic flower associated with International Women’s Day. Although why the political party of Italy chose Mimosa is not clear, it may be because this flower’s color yellow symbolizes cheerfulness and strength. To this date, the practice of gifting Mimosa flowers to women is not just present in Italy but all around the world. 

Dried Roses 

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Receiving Roses for Women’s Day is something that everyone will appreciate no matter what. This beautiful bloom comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They make the perfect gift for the inspiring woman in your life. And apart from the regular roses, you could also go for Dried Spray Roses that are super cute and adorable!

Dried Peony

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The queen of flowers a.k.a Peonies offers a variety of colors such as white, pink, red, etc. The fragile texture of dried peonies is what makes them a contemporary gift for women’s day. Peonies can have a lot of meanings but they generally symbolize good luck, compassion, and prosperity. 

Where can I buy flowers for International Women’s Day?

Dried Flowers and Décor has the best and the widest variety of Dried Flowers, Dried Pampas, Dried Bouquets, Dried Palms, Décor Items, and much more that will leave you wanting for more! We deliver across the UK, which makes us the one-stop-shop for all your flower and gifting needs!

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