Top 7 flowers you need to get for Mother's Day (Hint: She'll adore them!)

Top 7 flowers you need to get for Mother's Day (Hint: She'll adore them!)

Although no number of days is enough to honor and cherish the most important person in our life, still there is a special day every year dedicated to our mothers a.k.a. Mother’s Day. For all that she has done for us, we try to cheer her up by sending flowers for mother’s Day. When you think of flowers, obviously the first thing that comes to your mind is fresh flowers. But what if we told you that Dried Flowers are 100% natural, sustainable, and are long-lasting just like your love for your mother. 

But getting the right flowers for mother’s day can be a bit confusing with so many options available in the market. So we have curated a list of the Best Dried Flowers you can get this mother’s day.

Preserved Hydrangeas

Preserved Hydrangeas make a beautiful gift for the mother who has given you unconditional love and support. The lush flower of Hydrangea signifies honor, strength, and inner beauty. 

Dried Gypsophila

Baby’s Breath flowers represent innocence, sweetness, and purity just like a mother’s love for her child. Get Pink Dried Gypsophilas for your mother and show her what a beautiful person she is. 

Dried Sunflowers

Mother’s Day Flowers can range anywhere from bleached beauties to rays of sunshine and more. A gorgeous bunch of Mini Dried Sunflowers symbolizes beauty, strength, and hope - a combination that sums up mums rather well. And of course, they make a gorgeous display! 

Dried Lavender 

Who can resist the charm of diamond-like Ivory blooms? This Preserved Lavender bunch matches its meaning pretty well - innocence, purity but also love for the recipient. 

Dried Peonies

With red being the color of love, it only makes sense to gift a beautiful bunch of Dried Red Peonies flowers to mom. Peonies signify perfect love, and what love is greater than that of mums?  

Dried Helichrysum

One of the happiest flowers around, Dried Helichrysums are a brilliant mother’s day gift and also great for brightening up homes and offices. Helichrysums symbolize loyalty and adoration making them the perfect choice to honor the eternal love of your mum.  

Dried Roses

Roses don’t just mean romantic love, we promise! The symbolic meaning of roses often comes down to their typical color red. This is why we suggest you opt for Dried Yellow Spray Roses that signify gratitude, admiration, and friendship - ideal for showing mom that you are thinking of her. 

Luxury Dried Bouquets 

A bonus mother’s day idea, for those who want to get an extra special gift for mother’s day, you can opt for one of our Luxury Dried Bouquets. They last for a long time, making them a mother’s day gift that keeps giving. Symbolizing love, affection, and admiration, our Dried Flower Bouquets essentially capture the bond between a child and his mother perfectly! Or if you want, try making a DIY Dried Flower arrangement for her. 

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