<p><b>Top 5 Sustainable Décor Ideas for Hotels & Restaurants

Top 5 Sustainable Decor Ideas for Hotels & Restaurants

Hospitality design experts agree that hotels must stick to their customers’ demand for sustainable decor and designs in order to take their establishment to the next level. In fact, sustainability has now established itself as the new standard.

To take your hotel or restaurant into the eco-friendly future; here are some sustainable design ideas to consider.

Top 5 Eco-friendly Décor Ideas 

Make a Strong First Impression

Designing your hotel to stand out to new guests involves knowing how to decorate a hotel lobby. This area gives your visitors their first impression of your facility. It’s helpful to have a unique & long-lasting decor in front of your hotel that creates an inviting atmosphere and draws people inside.   


dried flower arrangement

You can grab the attention of your guests as soon as they walk into your hotel with a Luxurious & Grand Dried Flower Arrangement. You can add a mix of Dried Flowers, Preserved Foliage, colorful Pampas, Stunning Dried Palms, etc.  

 Don't forget to sprinkle in some Dried Baby's Breath to give the finishing touches. A vibrant display of nature and colors can leave your guests in awe and may encourage them to click a picture or two for their Social Handles! 

Feature a One-of-a-Kind Mix of Styles

Do you want to improve the ambiance of your hotel? Incorporate traditional and modern designs from around the world. In order to give the guest spaces a calm and relaxing aura, incorporate Rope & Metal Candle Lanterns or perhaps Woven Grass vases.  

rope lantern

Guest spaces with a calm, relaxing design encourage those who stay at your hotel to tell their friends and family members about their experience. Making these minor decor changes will have a huge impact on the overall experience of everyone who stays at your hotel.

Redecorate Your Dining Room

Dining areas are popular for guests who like to spend time together outside their rooms. While fact service is essential to create positive guest experiences, you may also want to consider ways to update the room's design to match the overall hotel decor.  

Think of creating a cohesive sustainable décor across your property. You can stall a Big Dried Pampas Cloud above the dining tables for s dramatic effect. 




Try to incorporate Colored Pampas & Bleached Pampas along with the natural tones to match the interior of your hotel. Instead of having a bland dining room, make use of Dried Decor to make it creative and unique.

Add Eucalyptus Bouquet to Rooms

The primary goal of a person visiting a hotel is to get away from their daily mundane routine and of course to relax and unwind. It is known a fact that Eucalyptus has a calming aura surrounding it. 

You can try adding Preserved Eucalyptus in hotel rooms as a handing décor or create a beautiful Eucalypts bouquet on the side table. 


Nowadays preserved Eucalyptus is available in a variety of colors such as blue, red, ivory (bleached), etc. So choose the bunch according to the interior of the hotel’s room. 

Incorporate Peacock Feathers Wall Décor

Dazzle your guests with enchanting wall decor created with real  Peacock Feathers. The Dried Peacock Feathers can be used to create dramatic art pieces to introduce an artistic feel to the living room. 

peacock feathers

Get some high-quality feathers with long quills and arrange them on the wall creating a half-circular assemble. Use double-sided tapes to secure the art assembly. 

For those hotels that have accented walls, they also go for Bleached Peacock Feathers. Their ivory grandeur will not only surprise your guests but also will add a royal touch to your hotel décor.  

bleached peacock feathers


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